A Day in Fort Worth

Tuesday we went to Fort Worth. We do this about once a week, because Mineral Wells houses all our needs but not nearly all our wants! We began by going by the diocesan office to pick up a copy of the DVD of Archbishop Gregory Venables' speech to the diocese. This we will show to our parish next week.

Then we went by the liquor store, then we ate a Kincaid's Hamburgers...as it may close soon, and they really do make great burgers!

Then we went to Barnes and Nobel to get a book and magazine fix. I found a copy of Painting with Watercolor, Pen & Ink by Claudia Nice, plus a couple of art magazines, and novels, of course, and Raf got photography magazines and a motorcycle magazine. Then we went to the nail place to get his 4 nails done...he finger picks his guitar...but the gal who usually does them was not there, for the second time, so I went into Imprints to buy some origami paper for a project. And Raf plans to get his nails done in M-dub from now on!

Then we got luscious ice cream at the Marble Slab Creamery and went to Half Price books for books on tape and CD. Oh, and at Barnes and Nobel we got the movie Once. If you have not see it, you must. It is the best movie we have ever seen!

Then we went to Central Market which is part of HEB. The food is wonderful! Here are photos from the market:

Our son-in-law, Darrell, came by to visit. He surely is a keeper! I make popovers for breakfast some. And it is traditional to have them on Christmas morning. I had bought at pan at WalMart, and they were sticking to it terribly, even when I used Pam or shortening, and THEN the popovers got where they would not pop! I made three batches over the course a couple of weeks, and they were all flat. So...I got new flour (the flour I was using was Mexican flour...don't even remember were I got it), but I got Gold Medal. I got new eggs, and I tried ONE MORE TIME...and here are the results. I am so glad. I would hate to think how the grandchildren would feel if we did not have popovers for breakfast on Christmas morning!To all of you who are interested, our grandson, John, is doing well in China, thank God. We also have another traveling grandchild. Dani is in Washington DC and New York City this week on a school trip.

Well, that's all for now. I AM going to draw again soon, but I DID finish the baby blanket!


Susie said…
Hi Sioux,
I always find it so interesting to see what different towns have to offer. I so enjoyed the peek into that supermarket and enlarged the photos so I could see the prices.
That California broccoflower @$3.99 is the identical brand I bought this week for 99¢. The produce all looks lovely, as do those fruit tarts!
By you had a busy, fun day!!! That market looks lush but I bet the prices are high. Your pop tarts look yummy.

By the way I am going to e-mail you something I just read about the church that I thought you might find interesting. Watch for it.
artbrat said…
It sounds like you had a fun filled day of errands. I'm going to look into that movie and see if I can find a copy. That grocery market looks great with all the fresh produce. Yummy.

I'm glad that your son is ok.
Gillian said…
Sioux that's really made me hungry. A fabulous array of images.

Help - I'm just about to post you the ATC I promised but I don't have your last name. Perhaps you'd drop by and let me know, if not it will have to go to simply 'Sioux'!
Diane J. said…
Hi, Sioux. I mailed your book on this past Tuesday so if you haven't already received it you should get it soon.

I wondered about John and hoped he wasn't in the part of China affected by the earthquake. Glad to hear he's doing well.

Oh, that produce and other stuff looks yummy! Like Susie, I was really interested to compare our prices with yours.

Hope your weekend is a good one. ;o)

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said…
Fun Day! Love that market esp the goodie case.
Barbara said…
Now I could have gone on this trip with you. The store looks divine, the salad veges as well as the confectionery. I might have gained a few pounds but it would have been worth it. All so interesting.
That's a part of Fort Worth I never got to see.
Merle said…
Dear Sioux ~~ Loved seeing the photos
like everyone else. Glad that John is safe in China and enjoying it.
I am glad that you had a lovely day.
Take care, Love, Merle.
Annie said…
Ach! What is it about produce counters and bakeries that makes such great photo ops? I just returned from lunch and I'm hungry all over again.
Ron said…
John looks like he is really enjoying his adventure. Am assuming you are writing the story about Bessie from the family albums she made for her siblings. As usual, really enjoy your site.


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