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One of the bloggers I have met online turns out has family here in Palo Pinto County. We got to talking online and discovered we were each having a gas well dug on property we didn't know we had the mineral rights for. Today she emailed to ask if we knew how it was coming. The last time we spoke to the land man he told us they were waiting for the pipeline to come through. So today when she emailed me, as we were waiting for our grandson to come home from college and get ready to go to China to study for two months, we drove out to the well. I only had my iphone, so the photos aren't great, but the separator, water tanks, and compressor are all ready, so I suppose the pipeline is comin' soon! I hope. We could use the $$! Anyway, more tomorrow!


How wonderful! Great to find out you have gas on your land and the mineral rights....
Kelli said…
That is so exciting, Sioux!
Merle said…
Dear Sioux ~~ Great news about the gas, I'm so glad for you.
Thank you very much for the parcel of Texas stuff which arrived the day before yesterday. I have had a few problems but am just getting round to thanking you. The magazine looks good, haven't read it all yet, the card is lovely and your husband is very clever to make those cards. And the little butterfly is beautiful. Thank you so much Sioux. That was really nice of you. We have prickly pear plants here too, and in Queensland they grow very tall and are noxious weeds. The ones with the flowers are much prettier. I hope your son will be safe in China as I am sure he will be. Take care, My friend,
Love and thanks, Merle.
tinker said…
Wow - how cool to find out you had the mineral rights, Sioux. Hope it works out well for you.
Hope your grandson has a fun and safe trip to China too!

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