John in China

Here is our John and two other American students in China. If you're interested, check out his Facebook page for more photos. BTW, thanks to Robyn is Australia, I am using Skype and loving it! Great to talk real time with people around the world.


Robyn said…
Dear Sioux- I am so pleased that the tiny bit of encoruagement I gave you has helped you keep in touch with your grandson. He looks as though he is enjoying his time in China. It's wonderful that the Internet can keep families close.
What a great picture! I am glad you are able to use skype to talk to him. I used to have skype and it is excellent.
PEA said…
Dearest Sue,

I'm so glad that John has arrived in China safely. What a fine looking young man your grandson is:-) I've never heard of Skype so will have to check it out!

I'm slowly getting around to catch up with everyones news since my return from my trip. Loved all the photos you took in the Central Market...the dessert is what catches my eyes all the time! hehe

Hope you are keeping well and enjoying some lovely weather. It's only 48F here right now but it's supposed to start warming up again for the weekend so hopefully this will be the last of the unseasonably cold weather!! xoxo
How exciting for your son!!!

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