Our "Baby" is all grown up and gone to China

This morning our John left to study in Shanghai, China, for two months, or one college summer semester. He will be taking 6 hours of Chinese and 3 hours of international business and will have an internship with a Chinese company. He found this photo a couple of months ago of him (the baby), Raf on the right, Raf's mother, Margaret, holding John, Raf's dad, Ralph, at the back, and Raf's sister, Mary Lynn, on the left, taken in the summer in our back yard in 1987. John was about 6 months old at the time. Now he's 21! Go safely, my precious child, and come back to us safely.

Illustration Friday's prompt last Friday was "Seed". I finally got around to drawing a seed...or at least the fruit containing the see of the mulberry tree. This reminds me of John because he, as well as an assortment of birds, likes to eat the mulberries.Right now we are awaiting the contractor to look at the bathroom and the sheds to see about repairing them. We've waited for several days. It is now 3:30 pm, and he said he would be here today right after 1 pm! I keep thinking, if I had just showed up at school whenever I felt like it...hummm...do you suppose they would have kept me as a teacher? Of course not! Yet, so many people do not care about time...if it's other people's time! Or money!

Oh, well, that's my rant for the day!


Lin said…
CONGRATs, Sioux! China!! Wow! What a wonderful opportunity!! And I love your sketch too!
Dawn said…
What an adventurous young man! I wish him the greatest time of his young life.

I hope the repair person showed up - there's nothing more annoying than waiting for them to show up - I have to take off work for them to come during a several hour window.
Diane J. said…
Good luck and safe journey to John.

Man, it's aggravating twiddling your thumbs waiting on repairmen. If we charged them for the time they kept us waiting on them like they charge us for their work, I think things would be a lot different.
Susie Q said…
OH Sioux! How exciting for him. China is such a glorious country and the people are wonderful. He will love it all.

Love the sketch...

Repair people never arrive when they should...never! I think it is on their schooling! Always make them wait so they will be SO grateful when you get there.

Hope all is better now!

Gillian said…
Good luck to your son. You must be very proud.
Beautiful seed drawing. You should put it into a book. x
Annie said…
Rant on, Sue. So . . . did they ever show up?

Like the little seed/leaf painting very much. It's simplicity really appeals to me.

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