Americans in China

Here are the ten American students studying International Business at Shanghai University in China. John is in the back in the middle.


Annie said…
Just had a few people who work here return from China. Outstanding and unique experience.
Felisol said…
Dear Sioux Sue,
I've done some catching up on your posts, always a colorful widespread carpet of subjects ober at your site.
The art exhibition, the market, your wonder ful grandson studying in China and "In God we trust".

I am a fascinated reader.
I do hope your America will continue to be a country where Christians can still be Christians in churches, schools, at work and in public administration.
I see ugly signs in my country too of profaining and erazing Christian values. They say we always are twenty years behind America. Just now I hope we'll never reach you...
God blesss you amd yours
From FElisol
I'm so enjoying seeing these.
lila said…
Fun to see where your grandson is!
My children have started using Skype and are trying to get us to give it a try...
I got the paperback today! My first one! Thanks Soiux, I love mysteries!
Dawn said…
What an adventure your grandson is having!

I look forward to your visits any time you can.
John Poe said…
John looks very good. Glad he ggot this opportunity.

I found a copy of one of those books in my Mom's stuff late last month. I was going to surpise you with it the next time we saw each other.

Are you re-typing it. If so, there is some optical character recognition software that may be able to help. I think has a link to it. I use software I got with my scanner. Not the best but I didn't have to pay for it either.
I think these posts are so interesting sioux,
Peace, Kai xx

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