Joey's Party Last Sunday

Last Sunday after church we had a party for Joey at our house. Here are some of the photos.Joey and friends.
More friends.
More friends.
Darrell and my high school friend, Sheila.
Raf and a keyboard friend, Rusty.
Joey with cousins Jennifer and Travis.
Joey with his Aunt Christi.
Uncle Brian and Papa.
Joey with his girlfriend, Coley (Nicole Marie).
Joey, Coley, and Aunt Kathi.
Joey, Coley, and cousin Tim.
Joey and cousin Dani.
Joey and his sister Bethy.


Robyn said…
What a lovely garden you have, Sioux! Joey looks so YOUNG in these family snaps.
Susie said…
It's wonderful that your family is having so many chances to be together and have fun. Such great memories you're making!
Michelle said…
looks like it was a fun party and I'm sure he appreciated it!
Kahshe Cottager said…
He looks so young! And now I see he is only 18! No wonder you are thrilled to have him home!

Your artwork is wonderful - the dragonfly embroidery is a very beautiful piece!
Mrs.E said…
Thank you for visiting me. I'm glad you enjoyed the tea video.

What a lovely family you have. It looks like everyone had an enjoying time.

I'm off to visit more of your posts :)
Susie Q said…
Your home and garden are lovely Sioux!

But it is your beautiful family that take center stage! Joey is so loved and blessed to be a part of such a wonderful you are all blessed to have him!

What a fun time together...

Dawn said…
Looks like you all made the most of your time together!

Thanks for your comment on my latest job saga - I didn't know you used to teach. There are a lot of retired teachers out there in our blog world!
Lisa said…
Joey is a lucky young man. Looks like a great time.
smilnsigh said…
Great party I'm sure. A great time had by all.

Wondering how long he has off and where he goes next...

Pam Aries said…
I enjoyed the photos1 Texas is gorgeous! I have been there a couple of times...Dallas..San Antonio

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