Catching Up

This has been a sort of strange week, what with Joey coming home and most of the family visiting. I've also been working on another vest for a Christmas gift for a friend. So, I thought I'd show you some things I've made and then some photos of the family from last Sunday after church. More photos will be posted in the next couple of days.

John's Arsi has a birthday on Monday, so last week we took them out to eat. I made her this pillow and embroidered the dragonfly on it. Her favorite color is green, and she loves dragonflies.
This is the mermaid I made for the Glitter Power Sisters' mermaid swap. I forgot to take a photo of the ATC I made to join her.Last Friday Louise and I attended the Trinity Valley Quilt Show in Fort Worth. This is a photo of Louise with one of the beautiful quilts.
This is the one I voted on for best quilt. I LOVE art quilts!!Here's Joey on Sunday afternoon in his India Company t-shirt.
Here are Jen and Bethy laughing at a Toby Keith video. Bethy LOVES Toby Keith!Here are Dan and Tim engrossed in something on the net...gee, don't we love laptops!
These are our three daughters: Carolyn, our middle child...John, Joey, and Beth's mom
Christi, Jen and Travis' mom and our babyKat, our oldest, mother to Dani and Tim

I have lots of photos of family members with Joey. I'll post them Joey's official military photo.


I enjoyed the photos very much. That mermaid is just too cute and I love that dragonfly!
Gemma said…
How great having your family at home. Great photos and memories.
Hey your Mermaid is COOL!
Susie said…
Love the quilts and the dragonfly!
Looks like you've had some absolutely joyful family time!
tinker said…
What a lovely family you have, Sioux. Your mermaid is very cool, and I love that dragonfly pillow, too. Art quilts are great - wish I was talented with a needle and thread.
Dawn said…
What a great family photo shoot. Thanks for sharing!
Susie Q said…
A beautiful family...
and your mermaid is gorgeous!
Such a pretty dragonfly are so talented!

I am so glad Joey was able to be there with all of you.

He is a handsome young man.

giggles said…
Sioux you have a gorgeous family! I love seeing the kids! Beautiful pillow you made and that mermaid with the colored hair....I love it!!! You are a funky grandma!!! Those quilts are amazing aren't they! Great post a little of everything!

Love and hugs Sherrie
Sheila said…
There is nothing better than being surrounded by a loving family,
Bethy looks so much like her Mom. They are both lovely,..
AnnieElf said…
Hi Sioux. I've been catching up with all of your recent posts and so much has happened for you. Love the neighborhood/house photos. I WANT the fixer upper with the elevator.

The difference between Anglican/Episcopalian starts with leadership, yes? Then basic Christian tenets interpretation, yes?

It's wonderful having the family all together again no matter how brief the time. Enjoy it fully.

Mrs.E said…
The embroidery is so lovely and enjoyed your photo gallery as well. What nice memories!

Thank you for visiting me :) I'm off to read more of your pleasant posts.
smilnsigh said…
Love that high n' tight hair cut.

Enjoyed the pictures and "meeting" your family :o)

Love the pillow and dragonfly. Lovely work.

The quilts looked unbelievable!

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