Haiku~~Golden Moon~~Vest for a Sister

John Ficke and Harriett Elizabeth McBee


I look behind me
The older generation
Now I am there, too

Gautami Tripathy won one of my giveaways. The item she was was the book of essays called My Mother's Garden. Read her review here.

Last week Raf and I ate at one of our very favorite restaurants, The Golden Moon, in Weatherford, Texas. The cuisine is Thai and delicious.
I had steamed pot stickers (dumplings) with a cucumber salad in a delicate sauce. Then I had a spicy seafood dish with fried rice and a fortune cookie for desert. Raf had an egg roll, 4 Star beef, the cucumber salad, and a fortune cookie, too. What a pleasure it is to go to this restaurant. They know us, and the service and food is out of this world!

Finally, I completed this vest for a special "sister". I got the tri-colored wool/soysilk in Alaska. The solid I got at a new shop in Fort Worth called Yarns Ewenique on Camp Bowie. It is alpaca and wool. I had fun making this and was delighted when almost 12-year-old Bethy, who is being my model, told me how cool she thought it was! So, Dear Sister, when you receive this, I hope you'll think it's cool, as well. Now on to a quilt and a couple of other Sister gifts, and a mermaid, and a couple of flowers...not to mention more vests!


That vest is cool! Love the pic of your grandparents too!
Dawn said…
Beautiful vest! And cool haiku. We're there, too!

Re your comment - I hope that's not what the shoes on the electric line mean, but it could be! It's very near the high school, and my husband said he'd seen others. I'll have to ask my delivered-from-drugs son if he has heard of that.
Clare said…
This is a wonderful post. Your haiku is wonderful -- it is amazing to get older and begin to see things from our Grandparents' perspective. And your Thai food photos and description had me drooling on my computer. And the vest you made is so beautiful -- you might just have to make one for Bethy too -- she's very pretty.
giggles said…
Beautiful colors in that vest, I used to crochet a lot years ago!

Now that's scrumptious looking food. This post makes me hungry! Lucky I'm filled up on homemade broccoli soup!

Hugs Sherrie
spacedlaw said…
I like the haiku, it gives very much an impression of "good heavens is that the time already?".
tumblewords said…
It's such a surprise to be 'they'. The words are great, the food looks delicious, the vest is so colorful and energetic. A neat post!
Naturegirl said…
So true how fast we became ~the grandparents!~
Nice vest lucky recipient! I lOve tai food..basil chicken. sticky rice and mango salad...mmmmm! hugs NG
Roswila said…
Another treasure of a photo.

I keep being reminded of what my parents and grandparents were like, what their lives were like, at the ages I approach I remember them at. How different we are, and yet how alike. :-)
Michelle said…
Oh it looks like you had a lovely dinner out!
Susie Q said…
That vest IS cool, as is Bethy!

Your poetry is amazing. I think poetry is such an art form and you are awfully talented.

LOVE thai food..and Thai iced tea. Delicious!

Barbara said…
I like the vest, waistcoat in our country.
I would like to be able to crochet as it looks so much quicker than knitting.
megan said…
yep...we eventually become the old ones & to tell the truth, i often find myself thinking it would be really great to have been one of the old ones a whole lot sooner!

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