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Kathleen Marie at The Open Window is sponsoring a blogging adventure called Welcome to My Neighborhood. So without further adieu I welcome you, not to my town of Mineral Wells, Texas, but to my neighborhood on "mortgage hill" in the northwest section of town, the oldest gentrified neighborhood in our town:
First step out on our back deck. Even though fall is in the air, the trees are still full of leaves.

And the crepe myrtles are still a riot of color. Oh, shhhh...Raf's out in his workshop making a frame for him photo.Here's a peek at the front of our house and the house to the north.And a straight-on view looking east. BTW, if you even thought Texas was a vast desert...look again!
This is looking north down our street.
And this is the house to the south of our home.
This is Brenda and Ray's house...across the street.
Now for some more homes in the neighborhood. Most of the homes were built in the 1950's and earlier. Our county is celebrating 150 years this year.
I love this house...it used to be lacquered when I was a teenager, but they've let it go, and it still looks real nice. Used to look like water was always running down it's front.
This is around the corner to the east of our house.
This is the main ranch house for the Upham Ranch. It's right down the street from us, but the ranch in straight down a steep hill. Actually there is another big house on the ranch now, owned by the son. These folks own the Loveland Ski Resport in Colorado, and Mr. Upham used to be state Republican chairman.
This house is northwest of our house and across the street.
I love this one. It used to have a big old fountain in front, but the new owners took it down.
This is our church, St. Luke's. After the first of the year, hopefully, we will be Anglican...NOT Episcopalian...when our diocese leaves The Episcopal Church!
This house used to have huge prickly pear cactus in front. When the old people died, someone came in and is really fixing it up. Beautiful arts and crafts period home.
This one is Mediterranean-style.
This is the only house in town with an elevator....don't know if it still works, but it's a neat old house in need of lots of repair!

Hope you've enjoyed our little neighborhood. This is home. We have many friends who have sold out and are traveling full-time in their RVs and trailers. Not us! We like a small piece of real estate we can always return to!

See ya!


ellen b said…
What a wonderful tree filled neighborhood! I love the craftsman home. There are so many unique homes. I appreciate that in a neighborhood. So many of the newer neighborhoods are cookie cutter homes anymore... Blessings and thanks for the tour...
Barbara said…
Thank you for all these photos. Brings back many fond memories.

I remember when I first went to Texas I was amazed at how green it was, I had not expected that.
Jen said…
Your neighborhood is beautiful....I really enjoyed it. Thanks for the tour.
Dawn said…
Thanks for visiting my neighborhood this morning. Yours is very lovely as well! This has been such fun! IT's great to be able to visualize where people live.
Lovely home and neighborhood. I love the old houses. They all had such character.

I firmly agree with having that piece of real estate to call "ours" and come home to!!!
PEA said…
Hi Sue:-) Thank you so much for such a lovely tour of your neighbourhood! You live in a beautiful area and I love all the trees lining the streets, very much like where I live:-) The houses are so gorgeous, I want to buy that last one that needs lots of repairs...imagine bringing it back to its glory once again!! Love the architecture!! xoxo
Kathleen Marie said…
What a wonderful area and I love some of those old houses! Sweet! You have so many trees, real trees, with leaves! Lucky you! We hope to plant some around our house. I really enjoyed your tour!

Thank you so much for participating in Welcome to My Neighborhood! God Bless!
Susie said…
What lovely historic homes you have around you.
Traveling is fun and we love it but I agree about having a piece of real estate to return home to!
this is lovely, thank you for taking a walk thru your neighbourhood and letting us see the beauty of it by sharing here!!
PEace, Kai xx
Sandra said…
Beautiful photos, thank you so much for the tour :)
What beautiful homes. Thank you for sharing your neighborhood, I enjoyed the visit.
Michelle said…
thanks for the tour! I love all the greenery and trees! I live in the desert so I miss seeing trees and grass :)
Robyn said…
Thank you for the tour of your neighbourhod, Sioux. You are right about some of us having the wrong image of Texas - me for one. In some of those photos, you culd almost be in Australia.
Sheila said…
Your neighbourhood is delightful, so neat and manicured. And Green..!
I love it! That rock house is awesome. we have several here in town! Thanks for the tour
Susie Q said…
Your neighborhood is so pretty! I so enjoyed seeing it all. I am glad you played this with all of us dear Sioux! I enjoyed the tour!

peppylady said…
Thank you for the tour of your neighborhood.
You live in a lovely neighborhood and boy do you have large shade trees.
Kelli said…
Your neighborhood is just beautiful, I love all the trees! Your home is very welcoming and your back porch looks like a great place to relax!
Robin said…
What a lovely neighborhood! You are right - I never thought of Texas as being so green and lush. I hope to visit there someday.
I just posted my tour - I hope you can come and visit.
AnastasiaC said…
what a great idea! your neighbourhood looks wonderful...what lovely homes!!!

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