Joey is Home for a While!

We (Raf, Carolyn, and I) were at the D/FW Airport by 10 pm last night, although Joey's flight didn't arrive until 10:47. We were standing at the gate, and he and a couple other boys from the area who were in boot camp with him came through the revolving doors. We were so happy to see him. He had told us he had lost 12 pounds, but he had put it back on, and he looked good...more like a man than a boy, now. He qualified as expert marksman...which not many Marine recruits do. He will be home for about 10 days, and then back to San Diego he does for his MOS as a mechanic. I swear he looks taller. This photos was taken at 2 am, so he looks a little tired. He talked to him girlfriend, Coley, all the way home last night, and they were over this morning on the way to so "stuff". Tomorrow we will go to church together, and his aunts are coming for that. Then the family will meet at 3 pm to eat Italian food at Baris and back here for a get together with friends from town.

I realize he hasn't been to war, but this song kept going through my mind:

When Johnny comes marching home again,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
We'll give him a hearty welcome then
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The men will cheer and the boys will shout
The ladies they will all turn out
And we'll all feel gay when Johnny comes marching home.

(just substitute Joey for Johnny!)


I can imagine how pleased and happy you ALL are!!!! Enjoy, it will go far to fast I'm sure.
im glad he is home and safe..
PEace and hugs to you all there, Kai xx
Susie said…
I know you must be thrilled to have him home. He makes a very handsome soldier!
Enjoy your visit with him..
smilnsigh said…
I have goosebumps. ,-) How silly is that hu?

So wonderful that you went to meet them!

I remember you saying that he qualified as an expert marksman. I know, that not many do. I'm in awe of this.

But hope the upper brass has been rid of those like Lieut. General Francis Kearney, by the time he's called on to use his abilities. {Add profane expletives here, please.} Grrrr...

Yes he's taller! Of course he's taller! And I don't think he's "Joey" any more.

mrsnesbitt said…
Oh so pleased he is spending time with the family! The mention of the italian food has made me hungry now! Pizza tonight too!

Sheila said…
Great that he is home and you can all get together. Enjoy that Italian food..!
Michelle said…
Enjoy these 10 days you have with him! Isn't it amazing how they go into boot camp looking like boys and come out looking older? My mom said the same thing about my brother.
Susie Q said…
Oh handsome he looks and how proud you are I know!
I know you are all thrilled to have him there with you now...please give a hug from me...tell him thank you from my heart.

jenclair said…
He does make a handsome soldier, Sue. And I'm with SuzieQ-- please tell him thanks!
Gail said…
What a wonderful blessing having your son home for awhile. My prayers will go with him and the rest of our soldiers.
I loved the tour of your neighbor-
hood. Such grand old homes.
giggles said…
Precious boy....You must be thrilled....

Hugs Sherrie

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