Show and Tell Friday & Ricky Skaggs in Stephenville

Here is my contribution to Kelli's Show and Tell Friday. My mother died on August 12, 2005, and shortly afterward my former principal, Bobbye Estes, sent me this little plaque. Bobbye's husband died about a week after Mother. This was a very thoughtful thing for her to do, and I keep it in a bookcase where I can see it all the time. The quote is "A Mother's Love is Forever". I can't remember which blog I read it on, but recently someone said that it didn't matter how you and your parents got along, because when they were gone you still missed them. Mother and I didn't get along well at any point in our lives, but I do miss her.
I was trying for the flags at sunset. It was a beautiful night as we journeyed down to my hometown, Stephenville, Texas, with Jim and Louise to see the last of the free summer concerts put on by TexStar Ford, Ricky Skaggs and the Whites. They are coming out with a new album, and the movie below is a little preview of one of the song.


those are such interesting sentiments. I can see Texas flag..It's a pretty pic Sioux.

Have a lovely weekend.
PEace, Kai xx
ellen b said…
That was a very sweet thing for your former principal did for you. Have a great weekend...
Morning Glory said…
What a thoughtful gift from your friend.
PEA said…
That truly is a beautiful plaque that your former principal sent you and it's no wonder you treasure it. I went to see Ricky Skaggs in concert back in the 80's when he came to the Sudbury arena...I so love his music:-) xox
That is a very pretty plaque.
Kelli said…
What a sweet gift from your friend, Sioux!
giggles said…
Could have been me who said that! I had a labored relationship too, but I am so grateful for all the wonderful things she taught me! Lovely plaque! It's inspired a piece of art for my friend whose baby passed!

Hugs Sherrie
Retha said…
Very thoughtfull from the principal.
Good to be at he stage where you are, I think?
I am not yet where I think I will miss my mother, neither am I at a place where I am grateful, like giggles.
So true about parents. My dad was certainly not father of the year. And at times he was abusive with the punishments when I was a child and I have terrible memories of fights when mom was alive. But in the last few years of his life we actually got along pretty well and really enjoyed being together. I so miss him and am glad we patched up our differences in the end!
Lee-ann said…
I love that your former principal was thinking of you and gave such a kind gift even when her own heart must have been breaking, kindness happens in the strangest ways sometimes.

I love the flag and you know it is the very first Texaa flag I have ever seen so am proud to have seen it here today on your blog.

Your show & tell is a lovely one.

Lee-ann ~ Australia
The little plaque is beautiful - thanks for sharing it with us.
Susie said…
Hi Sioux,
Love the sentiment and the thoughtfulness behind this lovely gift. We're home and I'm slowing trying to visit everyone. AK was a lovely trip!!

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