Reason Over Rhyme

Poetry Thursday has become a movable feast. This week it is hosted by Left-Handed Trees and next week will be hosted by The Polka Dot Witch. Come and join in!

Here's my poem for the week, the prompt:

Confront the Fear

Opened to the mystery beyond
Of words which have no rhyme
But only reason

I pause to reflect in time
How have I come unto this place

I march on toward a new horizon
A new adventure unforetold
Following hope

I am become the sparkling aspiration
Of my generation’s words

Come process with me toward the light
See the goal ahead and follow
Starting now


Dawn said…
Wonderful poem. I don't seem to have that gift of poetry! Love it when others do, though. I find my gift is mostly in story telling, I guess.
Susie Q said…
Glorious have such a great gift.

You have confronted it rather wll!
PEA said…
Sue, this is such a wonderful poem and every word leads us to not be afraid of the future but to confront it with all that we believe in! Beautiful! xoxo
Oh, love the last bit there... see the goal ahead and follow...
just perfect!
Naturegirl said…
You are truly a poet! loved your words. hugs NG
tumblewords said…
processing toward the light - a lovely phrase - inspiring, encouraging and solid.
giggles said…
Wise and inspiring Sioux. Just like you!

Hugs Sherrie

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