Saturday Night at H2JO's and other Weekly Blessings

And a nice time was had by can see it on their faces. Raf was playing at H2JO last night. Many of our church friends, other friends, our priest and his wife, family, including my cousin John and his wife Mary Ann and my friend, Louise, all three of whom I didn't take photos of..."old age creeping up," as Mother would say.

Raf played three sets. Lots of kids came and went, and Joey, our grandson, played between the first two sets.

Today was a beautiful day in church. Our attendance grows each Sunday! There is a threat of rain...been threatening for a few days, hope it follows through. Both Carolyn and John were in church with us. That makes us extremely happy. Carolyn is coming most every Sunday now, and she's helping me in the Altar Guild, too.

For anyone who might be interested, we are having a Seder on April 3. It is a beautiful time of fellowship and worship, as we share the Passover meal.

So, all-in-all, life is GOOD! Hope you enjoy the photos.
This has got to be called "movin' & groovin'."

Oh, Joey, don't hit him!! At least not too hard!

This is a blessed Lent:
Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel. Mark 1:15


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Thanks, I'm enjoying your good times and blessings right along with you!
Michelle said…
what great pictures! looks like it was a fun time!
Great scripture at the bottom of your happy photos! Turn away from sin...reminds me I should get to church!
PEA said…
Loved seeing all the pictures and it certainly does look like everyone was having a wonderful time!! I love it when even the children take part in the dancing:-) You always make me wish I was part of a church organization like that over here!! xoxo
Terri /Tinker said…
Looks like everyone had a great time - Wish we could hear the music!
Sheila said…
Loved seeing all the pictures. They were great!
Lisa said…
Fun, fun pictures! Thanks for sharing them!

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