Weekly Blessings

Well, to begin with Blogger is acting just plain stupidly! I had to upload these photos one at a time. But...that's ok.

I'm copying Susie's Space, as I'm going to try to put up a post each weekend and discuss the week, the blessings of the week, and what's been happening.


1) Lent began with Ash Wednesday on February 21. We had 18 people at the service, and as our church has been having a hard time, that was quite a large crowd. Last Sunday we had 46 people, and today we had 53! Talk about a blessing. We are hoping that within the year to be able to call a full-time priest. We are having Stations of the Cross each Wednesday of Lent and a Bible study each Thursday called "The Four Gospel Views of the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus". The first stations we had 18 and the first Bible study we had 12. This is such a blessing. We are beginning an adult Sunday School and are hoping to begin a children's Sunday School by fall. We are looking at either Godly Play or The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.
2) We had 4 couples over last night, including our priest and his wife, for dinner. I fixed baked salmon. We had fondue, salami, great dip and chips for starters. Everyone brought a salad...four different kinds of salad, and then we had lemon and cherry tarts for desert. We talked and listened to music and in general had a great time.
3) Louise and I went to Graham to the jeweler and to Frances' Fabrics. We ate at Vetoni's Italian Restaurant and had a great time. The photos to the left show our trip and also a sculpture on the museum lawn (the cowboy by the campfire).
4) Our three girls had a sisters' weekend to First Monday in Canton, Texas, and they had a great time!!
5) Our grandson, John, is making the highest grades in all his classes and has been invited to join Delta Mu Delta, the honor fraternity for Business majors. He is a junior now.
6) Raf and I are in great health...interestingly we are watching Easy Rider...first time I've ever seen it. Terrible movie, but Raf wanted to see it again! We are both trying to walk more in preparation for our Tennessee trip in April...after Easter.

7) Our pets are all well...and for those of you who are Turtle fans, here's her photo. She is doing great. Our vet told us they did a study of torti's at Texas A&M because of their unusual behavior...yup, but unusual is probably not close enough...high strung, dancing, playing, running, into everything. I have had to put my Christmas cactus with the still beautiful blooms away from her, because she wants to eat it!
8) We are taking Bethy to Stephenville tomorrow to get her a nice dress and shoes for church and parties, and we'll take her and John out to eat. She doesn't get to see her big brother as much as would like with him at college.
9) Friday night we went with Father and Kate to St. Andrew's Parish in downtown Fort Worth to hear the St. Thomas' 5th Ave. in Manhattan boys and mens choir. Glorious!!

What else is going on:

I put out the second newsletter for the church, and it looks pretty well. It was 4 pages this time. Raf will be singing at church on Sunday Panis Angelicus. Then he will be sining at H2JO on March 24..see the poster below. I really hope to finish that quilt this week. My Lenten study is The Journey into God...a retreat with Bonaventure, Francis, and Clare. It is a very good study.

Can't think of anything else right now. I am going to endeavor to visit everyone's blog next week. Love you all and thank you for being my friends.

God bless you all.

Also, this past week I have read two wonderful books that I highly recommend:

Astrid & Veronika by Linda Olsson
Light on Snow by Anita Shreve

Check 'em out!!


PEA said…
You did indeed have many blessings this past week:-) It's always wonderful to be aware of them and be thankful for them!! I've never watched Easy Rider either although it's a classic! lol Just not into those kind of movies. Your dinner last night sounded scrumptious...I love a fondue!! Glad to hear that Turtle is doing much better:-) xoxo
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
What a lovely post, so full of blessings; I've missed you and am so happy you're back :) Have a great week, I was happy to read that your health is good. Hugs!
Pam Aries said…
Hi Souxie! Wow..you are busy as a lil' bee!... I haven;'t seen Easy Rider in years! It was pretty bad but a classic ! There were parts I remember ..like Jack Nicholson and his.."I got a helmet." ha ha ! THe ending was Aieeee.. Not an uplifting film, but it certainly is a commentary on that era!
Susie said…
Loved your blessings post! Thanks for the linky love :)
I find that doing this type of post on a regular basis helps me to looks for the good in all things. (even ordinary every day events!)
You are certainly well blessed!
Sheila said…
What a nice post! It's always nice to think and write about our blessings, instead of "negative" things! I always try to do the same, and count my blessings. Sounds like you had a good week!
Kelli said…
I'm really enjoyed reading your weekly blessings post!! Your church sounds like it is doing very well and your kitty looks so sweet! Thank you for sharing your blessings with us!
tinker said…
Hi Sioux! Great to hear from you - glad you & your family are doing so well. It's good to see Turtle's doing well, too - I've pretty much decided I can't have indoor plants AND indoor cats - otherwise they just turn them into a salad bar, lol.
Your dinner party sounds delicious!
Hope you have another great week!
Kai said…
boy oh boy, i miss your blog..lol.. im glad to see your words flowing again on the blog here.
I love to hear about all your doings. :) Peace, kai
Tammy said…
busy times you are having...so nice to hear about it all!!
Susie Q said…
What a special week...
Your dinner sounds delicious and fun. Your Turtle looks just like out Lucy! The same coloring...
I surely did miss you while you were away but, like you, have to take a break every day or so to catch up!
You have so many blessings to count!! Wonderful..


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