This afternoon, just an hour ago, we had to have Sadie put to sleep. It is so sad. She was such a good dog. Our vet said she was one of the best dogs she had ever worked with. Sadie was 14. We got her at the Graham, Texas, animal shelter when she was about 6 months old. She was beautiful and loving, a good dog for boys. John sat with her while the vet put her to sleep, and now he and Raf are digging her a grave. She was the best dog I ever had. She was my old brown Sadie Mae, and I loved her very much.


Sheila said…
Sioux, please accept my heart felt sympathy. It's so sad when we lose a loved one. The four legged loved ones, with their unconditional love, become family after so many years. This will leave a big hole in your life. Sadie Mae was a beatiful dog, I'm sure she has left you with many happy memories.
(((Hugs))) to you
Gill said…
Sorry to hear of your loss, she was a gorgious dog.

She is now playing "at home" with all the other dogs.


Take care
giggles said…
Dear Sioux I am so sorry for your loss. I too put my dog of thirteen down last June. This is my first time without animals for over thirty years. I really miss my little guy, but know he is at peace. Maybe our two are frolicking together in a better place! Love to you in your time of grief!

Hugs Sherrie (giggles)
Kelli said…
Oh, Sioux, I'm so sorry to hear about your Sadie. My dog (who lived with my mom) had to be put to sleep the day after Christmas this past year and I cried for days. I still haven't told my kids. Big (((hugs))) to you.
Susie said…
Dear Sioux,
Any of us who has ever loved a pet and had to have them put down shares your pain. I'm so very sorry..
AnastasiaC said…
Oh so sorry to hear the sad news Sioux...Hugs to you!!!
Terry said…
Dear Sioux...I posted this comment a couple of hours ago but it didn't get through.

Dear Sioux..I feel so sad fot you and Raf about your beloved dog, Sadie.
It took a lot of love on both of your parts to put the doggie to sleep. It took courage.
It is not an easy decision to make.

Did you know that "Sadie" means "Princess"?
And by the looks of this picture, that dog surely was royalty!

Please know that I am thinking about you and that I love you Sioux...Love Terry
Susie Q said…
Oh Sioux...I am so sorry. Sadie Mae was so beautiful and so loved. She will be a a part of you forever. All of us who have loved a pet know your pain. They are part of our families, our hearts. I cry with you dear Sioux...for all of our precious pets who have gone on to a place where they feel no pain and can run and play in sunshine and warmth.
Please accept my sympathies...hugs to you all.
I am so sorry about your dog. I sure you all gave her many good times in her life. Sorry again. connie from Texas
Brooke said…
AW I am so sorry. I know how sad that can be. Sometimes its worse than then dying suddenly. I've been there and my thoughts are with you
Lin said…
Oh, Sioux -- wht a heart break -- I am so so sorry .. big hugs, cara!
Sheila said…
Oh, Sioux, I am SO sorry about Sadie. The hardest part of having pets is when we have to lose them. My deepest sympathies are with you now. {{{{HUGS}}}}
peppylady said…
I found your blog by the way of peas corner and I'm so sorry about your loss.
We recently as of yesterday put our dog Butch down and it was difficult and our home still feel like something is missing.
Gemma said…
Sending sympathy!
Losing a pet is so very hard...especially a loyal family member for so many years.
Naturegirl said…
Sadie is gone from your touch but never your heart.She gave you JoY and has left you with a lot of loVe.
with sincere sympathy sending you an angel of peace..hugs to you NG
Autumn said…
I read at pepper ladys that you had lost your dog and I wanted to come by and say sorry.
I am a big animal lover and know how hurt you are. I know you will miss Sadie Mae, she was so pretty..
Hugs to you
Terri /Tinker said…
Sioux, I'm so sorry for your loss and the loss to your family - I know how they really do become part of the family, and it's so sad to lose them. She looks beautiful in that photo. I hope your many happy memories of Sadie Mae will bring you some comfort - I'm sure she knew how much you loved her, and that you didn't want her to suffer. Many, many (((hugs))) to you. XOXO
Linda said…
Sue, you've had quite a couple of weeks! So sorry to hear about your dog -- it's so hard to lose a pet.
Faith said…
awww my thoughts and prayers are with you from me and my girls alice and scratch are thinking of you all (padfeet.... and hugs)xxx
nutbud scratch and alicexx
nel said…
My first time visiting you and it is uch a sad sorry for your loss.
Toni said…

I'm sorry to read about your loss. Our pets are our children also. Take care Sioux.

Hugs to you and your family.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
My heart is broken for you, with you. I know this pain and it's almost unbearable. Please know that you are in my prayers... time heals and the best of all memories remain.
Sharon said…
Sioux, I'm am so sorry for your loss. I've been there with my mother's dog & have been close with my own "boogie wiggles".

I am sure that you did what was in the best interest of Sadie, and that is our God given responsibility.

Hugs to you & your family at this sad time.
oh Sioux I am so sorry to read this. I know how heart wrenching it is to make that decision. Our pets are an integral part of our families, they ARE family and it's so hard to say goodbye. Our dog was 14 when we had to let her go as well....I am sending you a hug. Just know that Sadie was well loved and leaves a lasting memory.
Lisa said…
It seems like the glitter sisters have been hit hard the past few weeks with losses of furry family members. I am so sorry to hear of yours. He looks so sweet.
Lisa said…
I'm sorry. :( I mean..she. My sil had a boxer named Sadie. I always thought it was a great name.
Gail said…
Just catching up on some blogs I have missed for awhile, only to see you have lost a dear friend and part of your family.Fourteen years is a lot of wonderful memories to be thankful for.So sorry for your loss, love&prayers

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