Raf -- Photographer and Musician

Raf took this photo of my cousin Bill's wife Corala and daughter Amy. Check out Raf's photos.

Raf will be singing at H2JO Coffeehouse on March 24 at 7:30 pm.


PEA said…
Your pictures aren't showing Sioux...just go to Edit, delete them and upload them again. That should do the trick:-) xoxo
Naturegirl said…
Oh no your photos are NOT showing up!
I came home to a lovely envelope waiting for me from ~YoU!~ Thank you
I adore my little girl who symbolizes the ~LoVe~ within our blog community!
I cherish her!hugs NG
Sioux said…
I've republished these, so I hope everyone can see them better!
Terri /Tinker said…
I can see them now - love the poster. Hope the concert goes well.

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