BC (Turtle), Good Food, & Spring! and Stupidity!

Well, to begin with Turtle is a BC...BAD CAT! As you can see, I have proof!!
After being BAD, she exhausted herself, and went to sleep...
for a while, and then she woke up wondering what she could do next....eat one of my plants, knock things off a table, break glass...just the usual.

As for yummy food, we ate at Kincaid's in Fort Worth last Friday. Best hamburgers in this part of the world!
Then we went to Central Market...best food store in the area...and got these rainbow trout. Yummmmm.....

Several people have been posting spring photos, so I went out and took these:
Weeds in bloom
New wild onions
The wisteria is going to be blooming all over...and smelling lovely!
Redbuds are leafing out. We're hoping to plant some more in the back yard...native ones. These are oriental, and we are going to go with native plants from now on.

Even new leaves are bursting forth.
Even juniper leaves are growing anew.
Don't know what this plant is, but it has blossoms. It's a native plant, and it grows all over our property. Nice fragrance, too.

OK, now for the stupidity. I fell again. I haven't fallen twice in two weeks in years, but I hurt all over. I don't think I did any real harm, but I'm going in the the doctor tomorrow. I am sooooo tired to these little medical crises!!!!! I don't know if I have no balance or what. I am walking 14 minutes now each day, but this is just stupid!!!

Now, I will leave you with something I read in my Lenten devotional today:

By faith we accept as real what we cannot prove nor see; we not only accept but we even rish our life and our eternity on the conviction that the purpose of our earthly life lies beyond the present form of our earthly existence. Faith consists in doing our best, and then surrendering this best that God may take it beyond our power and dreams.
--Carroll Stuhlmueller

Peace and light be unto you all.


Pam Aries said…
Oh MY LAWD ..Sioux! THat cat looks like she belongs in a Stephen King movie!
Pam Aries said…
After posting the above comment...I have to say that in the 70's..I had a cat who was quitelike Turtle... Her name was Madame X....I lived in the 3rd story of an old home that had been converted into apartments..There was a fire escape...one night , Madam X appeared from out of nowhere at my kitchen window . I wll have to continue this story!
nel said…
I love your Wisteria...I have always wanted one! Lovely spring post!
Terry said…
Dear Sioux..These are all lovely pictures of course but you KNOW what my favorites are!
Turtle is a GOOD cat. She is a darling!
I am glad that you posted some pictures of her! She loves to be the centre of attaction!...Love Terry
Michelle said…
what pretty spring pictures! Sorry to hear about the fall; glad you didn't hurt yourself too badly. I hope you can get some answers tomorrow at the doctor appt! Thanks for entering my giveaway!
Autumn said…
Oh what a cute kitty. I have two who are always in touble.
I think I have been to kincaids, Its been years and years since I was in Ft. Worth (my ex mother in law lives there). The name sounds familar. Love the photos you took. Sorry to hear you fell. I hope you aren't hurt.
Naturegirl said…
I LoVe the photos of your cat ...so sweet yes even when they're bad!
Oh my you have so much green while we still experience snow and cold!Peace be to you.hugs NG
Lisa said…
I feel springy all of the sudden! *Grin*

Turtle would get along great with Sir Surly! *Ha*

I had a glitch in my blogging journey. :o(

PEA said…
I'm back:-) I missed you all so much while I was away and now I'm trying to catch up with everyone!! Goodness, Sue, you fell again? I do hope you didn't do any damage to yourself!! Loved your cat pictures...aren't they just so mischeivious and yet so lovable?! hehe Spring really seems to have found you...we had more snow yesterday so everything is looking white again...sigh! xoxo
mrsnesbitt said…
Just adored the photos of Puss!


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