A Trip Around Texas -- and a Meme from Pea

Today we took a drive around North Central Texas. I needed to go to see my nurse practitioner in Gordon, Texas, and it is an absolutely beautiful drive down Texas Highway 919. It goes right through the Pinto Hills and the prettiest part of the North Texas Hill Country.

As you can see the Texas Bluebonnets were in bloom. This is a drought, but recently we have had some rain, and the wild flowers are abundant.

This is downtown Gordon, Texas. It is a tiny, village with wonderful old buildings and loads of nice people.

Here are some more shots of the wild beauty of the area. We have juniper trees, but we call them cedars. There are no natural cedars here, only the juniper. The prickly pear cactus are looking good, and the mesquite trees are beginning to leaf out.

Many people in this neck-of-the-woods use cedar poles as fencing. Here's one up close.

Here's a meme I found on PEA's blog: I saw this fun meme over at Flip Flop Floozie and decided to give it a try:-) Here are the rules if you would like to play:

1) Go to Wikipedia
2) In the search box, type your birth month and day but not the year
3) List three events that happened on your birthday
4) List two important birthdays and one death
5) One holiday or observance (if any)

1) December 18
2) 1352 - Innocent VI is elected Pope.
1787 - New Jersey becomes the third state to ratify the United States Constitution.
1892 - The first performance of Tchaikovsky's ballet The Nutcracker is held at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg.
3) Births: 1886 - Ty Cobb, American baseball player (d. 1961) and 1916 - Betty Grable, American actress (d. 1973)
Death: 2006 - Ruth Bernhard, American photographer (1905)
4) Observance: Roman Catholic Saints - Gatianus of Tours, O Adonai

I'm going to take some time to visit other blogs...love and kisses and hugs to all you, my friends.


Pam Aries said…
Hi Sioux! I like your new blog look! I love the look around Texas too! having been there a couple of times... I appreciate the pics! I have been to Austin and Dallas/Fort Worth many moons ago!
judie said…
Gorgeous Bluebonnets! This part of Texas is pretty. The part I drove thru on Route 66 was not anything like this.
nel said…
love the tour around your home town and beyond...it's so nice to see photos of places I've heard so much about!
Susie said…
Beautiful bluebonnets!
You and my son in law share the same birthday and I adore the Nutcracker!!
Dawn said…
It looks like a lovely time of the year in Texas. Here, too. We've had so much more moisture this year than the last few, so it's wonderfully green.

Thanks for stopping by for Kev's safari pictures. He's had many great adventures.
Naturegirl said…
LoVe the name~Texas Bluebonnets!~ This town is typical of what I would expect in Texas..where's the cowboy on his horse! I love Texas was a visitor once and bought my first ever pr. of jeans and boots there! Still have them and YES the jeans still fit!20 yrs later!hugs NG
Kelli said…
What a lovely drive you went on, Sioux! Thank you for the tour!
Toni said…
how different your landscpe is from mine. One of these days I would love to see your Bluebonnets.

glad you enjoyed your day.
Lisa said…
Thanks for the trip around Texas. Looks like the wildflowers really enjoyed their drink. Everything looks so lush.
mrsnesbitt said…
Hi Sioux, just popping by all my glitter sisters to see how they are doing!

Hope you are well.

PEA said…
I so enjoyed going on the drive with you:-) Beautiful countryside you have over there and I can't get over how green everything is already! We're so far behind you weather wise. I wanna go to Texas now!!!!! xoxo
Lisa said…
LOVE! LOVE! LOVE these photographs! The cedar post is my favorite, and also the bluebonnets. Thanks for sharing them with us! A new meme? FUN! I'm in! *Hugs-a-bunch*
molly said…
It's so green down there! We're still in the brown stages of spring up here in Wisconsin!
AnastasiaC said…
Lovely pics Sioux! its great to be able
to see new places via blogging! Looks like a small quiet town....

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