Weekly Blessings

We got back yesterday evening from Midland, Texas, and the memorial service of my first cousin, Bob Dillard. The whole experience was odd. It was so sad that Bob died so young, but as I told another cousin, Ron, after listening to the obituary, I don't think I knew Bob at all. It was a blessing today to be home and at church. Here are photos I took in Midland. Hope you enjoy them.

This is our daughter Christi working on the usual family puzzle...this one was shaped like a fish with fish-shaped pieces.

These are my cousin Gary and his wife, Carol. She is being honored this Thursday for all she has given to the community of Midland over the years. These photos were all taken at their home.

Raf, cousin Ron, Uncle Elmer (Bob's father)

Gary and Carol's back yard.

Elmer's wife, Doris.

Our daughter, Kathi, is sitting in the middle of this group.

Cousin Bill (Bob's younger brother) with his daughters Amy and Amber.

Old man tree looks on.

Raf, Tracy (Bob's daughter), Vickie (Bob's widow), and Carol

Carol, Elmer, Bill



Christi, Kathi, and Ron

Bill's wife, Carola, with Amy and Amber

Looking at the pool from the house.

Yesterday was Bill's 57th birthday. Tomorrow is Ron's 63rd.


Kelli said…
I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. Hugs to you.
Terri /Tinker said…
I'm sorry about your loss to your family, Sioux.
Gemma said…
Family is so important...and it is wonderful that you have so many loved ones.
Sheila said…
Very nice pictures, Sioux
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
They were blessed to have you there among them during this very difficult time. You know, it's weird, the only thing I can think of when I hear Midland, TX is the heroic rescue of Baby Jessica from the well, all those years ago...
I'm glad you're back, home, and blogging again; Sioux!
Terry said…
Dear Sioux..These are such nice family pictures..
I am glad that you are feeling alright after all the sadness you have had to face..

You DO have a lovely big family Sioux as Gemma said but you have all of US too, eh?
We all love you!!!...Love Terry
Sheila said…
It's good that family can gather together when times are sad. Especially since I know you all get together on the good times too.
my thoughts are with your family Sioux..
PEA said…
Wonderful pictures..I love it that you were able to take pictures of all your cousins that were there. It's a shame but so many times the only time we get to see certain relatives are at weddings or funerals! xox
Susie said…
It's wonderful that your family was able to be together. I'm so sorry it was because of such a sad occasion.

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