Upgrading my Original iPhone

Today I found that my elderly iPhone, pre-3G, had something like 4,000 photos. I had downloaded some app updates, including the Facebook app. Last Saturday I tried to use it out at the Double J, and I took a photo and then the Facebook app shut down. I have been trying all week to get it to work. I restarted it, and tonight I synced it with my laptop. That showed that I had this tremendous number of photos. Finally I restored the phone back to its old settings. Then it synced to all the things I had saved. Then it showed that I had apps that needed updating, and one was Facebook. When all this was done I seemed to have only 183 photos which I deleted, and Facebook is working again. Magic!!!


Voila!!!!!!!!!! LOl! Gotta love technology.
Werna Gail said…
I'm still living in the dark ages, no Ipod, no laptop, no cell phone except for road travel emerg.
Glad to see you are still making jewelry. Stop by my blog when you get a chance.

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