Today was Wonderful!

Church. Always a good thing!

Then. . .

Then we met with most of our family at the Hulen Movie Tavern in Fort Worth to see Part 1 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. John made reservations for 11 of us including his girlfriend, Sarah, Raf and me, Kathi and her kids Dani and Tim, and Christi and Brian and their kids Jenn and Travis. This is one of our many family traditions.

I REALLY liked the Movie Tavern. Very comfortable, good food, good sound, wonderful visual! We will go there again.

Then on to Central Market...twice in one week...for good food!!


Sounds like you had one terrific day!!!! Nothing can beat 'good food' in my opinion. rofl

Have a great week, and wonderful, peaceful holiday.

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