Quick and to the Point...Thanks, Guys!

Yesterday Rafael and Darrell cleaned out the shed. It was a total mess, but that got it all cleaned out, we went through everything, threw tons of stuff away, and then Darrell insulated the ceiling and the walls. It will be much warmer in there now...much warmer...or colder, as the case may be. Carolyn did a ton of work, too, toting and carrying stuff all over the place, and Bethy got in on the act and helped carry the loom to the shed. Today Raf and I went through some other stuff, but the cold weather has old arthur...itis acting up a LOT!


Annie said…
Love all the progress you made. Worked shared is not work at all. I think not having anyone to share the clean up with is part of what slows me down. Everyone has their own projects and pruning and reducing is mine. Ugh.

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