Beautiful Day

Today on our trip to Weatherford and up Highway 4.
A card for a friend.

Went to church this morning, as usual. Good turn out and lots of great fellowship afterward at Coffee Hour. Raf gave a report on the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth 28th annual convention. He is the delegate from St. Luke's.

This afternoon we went of a drive. We haven't been doing that a lot lately, but we are hoping to do more. First I wrote 2390 pages for nanowrimo. I am writing our sequel novel called Moon Shadows, (a Bill Routh novel by Raf and Sioux Seibert). Then we drove to Weatherford for Raf to take photos of a persimmon tree that we saw Friday night on Spring Street in Weatherford. The tree is glorious...the fruit bright orange!

Then we went back west on I-20 to exit on Highway 4 in Palo Pinto County. We went north through the area that is to be dammed...damn! It is so beautiful, and the state is taking it away because they were too, something, to dredge the lake when we had our drought. Anyway, between Lone Camp and Palo Pinto, driving up into the Pinto Hills Raf had seen a bright red sumac bush in from of the dark green junipers. He got some photos of that, too.

Then on home.


Barbara said…
The Sumac bush (which I have not heard of) was so vivid and beautiful.

Yes, Katherine is a pretty daughter.

Just sitting here looking at your hubby's cactus photo and your playing card collage on my cork board. Yes I still have them.

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