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"From the time he first arrived in Texas in 1827 at the age of nineteen, Noah Smithwick was involved many of the events in the evolution of Texas. For the next thirty-four years before leaving for California just prior to the Civil War, he became closely acquainted with many well-known Texans, several Comanche chiefs, and a large and varied assortment of early Texas pioneers.

"More importantly, Smithwick was a keen observer of these passing events. His anecdotes of many of the events are recorded in his memoirs, first published in book form in 1900 by Gammel Book Company of Austin. Since that time, The Evolution of a State has been reprinted in numerous formats, and remains today as perhaps the most interesting and most accurate of all memoirs about life in early Texans.

"Smithwick's lucid accounts are of equal interest to the seasoned historian and the more casual reader. For the historian, the memoirs offer perspective on important events not documented in any other source. For the more casual reader, Smithwick paints a detailed picture of daily life in the days of the Republic--what people wore, what they ate, and how they found amusement amid a sometimes hard and dangerous life. It's the next best thing to being there!"

~~Taken from Evolution of a State online

I have been doing a lot of reading and writing of late. I am writing a second novel, sequel to Home to the Brazos, called Moon Shadows, during November...nanowrimo month. At the same time we are cleaning up the first book to submit to a couple of Texas publishers...with fingers crossed. These are both mysteries set in Palo Pinto County, Texas.

Also, I write a monthly column for the North Texas Star called Chasing Our Tales. Right now I am researching little-known ghost towns in Texas. Of these, I am giving three talks on the ghost town, Trickham, Texas, in Coleman County.

Last night we had friends for dinner, the husband is also a writer, and he has lent me a book entitled, Heap Many Texas Chiefs by Roy D. Holt. It has some interesting bits of info regarding the Trickham area and one Comanche Chief, Mukewarrah. Through this book I have found a book called Evolution of a State by Noah Smithwick whose photo is above.

As to other writing, I have completed and sent to the publisher, Arcadia Publishing, my photo history of Mineral Wells. We hope to start on a Palo Pinto County book for them in the spring. My Mineral Wells book is to be printed in March 2011.

I enjoy writing. Can you tell? It is comes easily. The nanowrimo requires 50,000 words in 30 days, so that is about 1,700 words a day which is about an hour's work for me. In three days I have 5,000 words. This newest books is going to deal with crime is small counties in Texas...particularly that of murder and rape.

Oh, I said I was reading, too. My latest just read is Margaret Maron's Sand Sharks, and I am now reading John Sandford's Rough Country.

And I have to get busy on three art challenges from Tam's page, Willowing and Artist Friends. If you are interested in art, this is a great site for friends and challenges. Also, Tamara Laporte in on Facebook as is her site, Willowing.

So, stay tuned! ~~until next time tomorrow!!


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