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Our friend, Moby of Moby in the Morning and his wife, Marybeth did the parody:

Our friend Chris Stern led American Pie at the final night of rmmga's TX-11:



Jim said…
Hi Sue ~~ The second one of the singing group is my favorite. I have an impromptu family video of gospel music singing and playing I could put on.

I do hope you are feeling better still. And Raf?

I am also wondering how the November writing project is coming along? I decided not to do that yet but some day I will try it.

Just for kicks you might want to peek in on my Jim's Little Blog. First because I am not doing much writing right now for the Little P&P Place.

Second because I am featuring my youngest granddaughter, KP (I have four plus an inlaw), today. The pictures range from one year (July, 2010) to present.
That's on Jim's Little Blog. :)

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