Writing and Art Today

The is the WIP of the VanGogh project from willowing.org.
This is part of my studio...showing a card Toby sent me, Blick oils, leaves, and a pencil drawing of a leaf.
Pencil drawing of one of the leaves.
The leaves..the yellow one from our yard, the others from the church.
Mixed media card for Thanksgiving from my friend Toby with whom I grew up in Stephenville, Texas. Toby never forgets a holiday!

Today I caught up on nanowrimo. I did 3100 words today with a total of 41,506 in all. 50,000 does not a novel make. Publishers don't want it with less than 80,000. They like them over 100,000. Raf is editing the first novel now, but his laptop is in the shop, so he has to work on his desktop.


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