To all the Old Guitar Guys I Know so Well!

Especially to my old guitar guy, Raf. This was circulated all over the rmmga group...they said it was about "Tom from Texas", but, hey, it's any old guitar guy.


PEA said…
LOL I should have known he was singing about his pick up truck!! hehe Love it! xox
Terry said…
Ha!!And here I thought he was singing about Turtle..the spoiled cat!!..Love Terry
Dawn said…
I really love yesterday's comic about the blogs. Too funny!!

Stop by and check out Kev's and my Part 5 of our journey, if you have time.
Dupa Jasia said…
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When I think of old guitar guys, I think HEE HAW...!
Remember that show?
tinker said…
Too funny, Sioux! Thanks for the laugh.

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