Raf singing This Old Ranch

We recorded this last night. Then a few minutes later a 5th wheel pulled up. A boy of about 6 got out with his grandfather. The boy was helping his grandfather so much and was so polite. Raf told them, "I used to have a grandson that helped me when we went camping."

The man asked, "What happened to him?"

Raf said, "He grew up and went to college, but sometimes he still comes along, and he still helps me a lot."

We love you, John, and we miss you.

This song Raf wrote. It was inspired by the Moline family of Parker County, Texas. They are our wonderful, good friends.

It is 3:30 CST, and we are in Nashville and hooked up. Plan to eat some barbecue tonight.


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Oh, I just LOVED this, thanks for the concert, Raf!! Y'all stay safe on the road.
Unknown said…
Thanks for the sing-songy Raf!!!
Save some bbq for me, y'all!~xo
Annie Jeffries said…
Hi Sioux - I loved that. You guys are having so much fun. Have an extra rib at the BBQ for me.
J C said…
Wow Mz. Sioux! Your Raf is a singin' hottie! You must be mighty proud!
Carole Burant said…
Oh Sue, that was soooo wonderful!! Please tell Raf for me how much I enjoyed his song..loved it!!! What a treat to hear him sing and play:-) Sounds like you are both having such a fun time, enjoy every minute!! xoxo
someone else said…
Charming!! He's a brave soul letting you put this on your blog. Tell him it was delightful!

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