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These two ATC's of mine (Artist Trading Cards) were published in Quilting Arts 1000 Artist Trading Cards.
Also, I am still working on a quilt with lots of faeries. Here's one block.


Lin said…
CONGRATULSTIONS SIOUX!!! BRAVA BRAVA~!!! and OH MY!!! Your fairy quilt is to die for!! GLORIOUSO!
Tinker said…
WOW - Congratulations, Sioux!!!
My computers not downloading the pics for some weird reason, but coming from you - I'm sure they're cool!
Susie said…
I'm not able to see the pictures either, but congrats on your award.
Terry said…
Hi Sioux...Thanks so much for popping by to see my mom on my blog site.

This week we had to go to a funeral. My dad's sister passed away. She was a Christian so that we can be happy about.We know where she will be spending THIS Sunday!!
My dad is still not saved and he is 80 years old.
I am going to put a posting in hopefully tomorrow about this Friday that we spent with mom and dad.

Have a blessed Sunday Sioux.You are such a kind person always remembering me!!

I have to pop down to see Susie now but rest assured I will never forget you...Love Terry[one of Turtle's admirers!!]..Ha!! ONE of MANY!!!
Sheila said…
Sioux, I'm afraid I cannot see your pictures...just little red x's..!
Drats and I wanted to so badly..!
Congratulations on getting your ATC's published..
judie said…
Your quilt is glorious, Sioux. Who are you making it Heh Heh Kidding of course. It's going to be grand!!!
Dawn said…
I can't seem the pix either - so sad! But htanks for stopping by yesterday. We've having a glorious sunrise this morning before the next round of "weather". I hope it's rain instead of snow, because we do really need more moisture.

Have a great Sunday!
SiouxSue said…
Hummmm...I can't understand why only a few can see the pix. All 4 of our computers see them. Oh, well, a blogger glitch, no doubt. Thanks for stopping by!
PEA said…
Waaaaaaaaaaa...I can't see your pictures either!! Congratulations on having two of your ATCs published, that's greatttt:-) xox
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I can't see the pics. :( Maybe you can try again. Congratulations and big hugs to you, what a thrilling honor to be published!
Sioux I can't see any photos - waaahhhh! I'd love to see them! I couldn't see the Shhhh one either (you know what I mean). :(
oh but Congrats though!
No piccies. ;(
Congrats anyhoo, way to go!!!!
Toni said…
Congratulations Sioux!
But I also cannot see the photos. bummer. Can you repost them?
Alas,If you have photos here I cannot see them....BUT...congratulations on getting your ATC's in the new book! way to go Sioux!

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