Christ has Risen! Alleluia!

Last night's Great Easter Vigil was absolutely the most spiritually uplifting service I have been to in years. It wasn't as well attended as it might have been, but it was beautiful. Our rector's wife brought bells, and when we sang the Gloria we all rang our bells. It was, indeed, glorious!

Today was a beautiful service, too, but really a postlude to last night. Raf sang in the choir, and Carolyn, Beth, John, and Arsi sat with me. These are photos I took after church back at home. First Raf took portraits of us all, of the three kids together, of John and Arsi, and so forth. Then I took these snapshots. First of Arsi.Then of Joey and Carolyn...Joey went outside and washed all of my windows, too.
Of John.
Of Arsi and Bethy. Bethy had a new dress of turquoise, and she looked outstanding!
Of Raf petting Jake.
Of Carolyn cuddling Turtle.
Of John petting a BAD Turtle on the turntable.
Of Bethy's new shoes.
Of Jake bathing.
Of Gus begging to be let out, please...right now!!
Blessings to you and yours on the joyous day!


Naturegirl said…
A blessed Easter Day to you! Looks like everyone just relaxed as it should be when family gets together!
Our was all here including my mom!hugs NG
Susie said…
Easter blessings to you as well. Loved seeing all your family photos :)
Kelli said…
It looks like you had a wonderful Easter! Thank you for sharing the pictures with us!
I loved the family pictures and It looked like you all were happy and enjoying yourselves. That is good. I am so glad you had a happy day. connie from Texas
Terri /Tinker said…
Glad you had such a nice Easter, Sioux~
Sioux hope you had a great Easter. I know about those people who don't quite fill the pews. I am one of them. I feel the need to get back there lately. I miss that feeling that only church can give you.
Sheila said…
There is nothing nicer than spending a holiday with family (and pets). You all look happy and relaxed..I'm glad it was good.
Michelle said…
Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter! The German Easter bread looks delicious!
PEA said…
Now that looks like a nice relaxed family! lol To me there's nothing more wonderful than being with family and spending time together:-) Wonderful pictures, Sue!! xoxo
judie said…
What a beautiful family you have. And what beautiful new shoes. Think she's share? :)
jel said…
nice looking family ya got there!
hope your Easter was a blessed one!

thanks for the visit, and your comment!

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