SNOW in Texas!! Holy Saturday #1

8:00 am...Today is Holy Saturday, April 7. Two days ago it was 90˚F here. Today it is 31˚F and SNOWING. Can you believe it?! The mesquites are all leafed out...they NEVER leaf out until the last freeze. Man, they got fooled! Click on the photos for a better view.9:30 am...Just back from church, only a few blocks away, to set out Father's vestments. It is now 30˚F. And it is snowing harder.


Susie said…
Brrr! I've seen snow on several blogs I've visited. Is this usual for this time of year in TX??
Kelli said…
We are expecting snow too! My poor plants! LOL I brought all the potted ones in and they are sitting in my front room. Everything else is covered.
Stay warm!
SiouxSue said…
It is now 12:30, and we are back from Holy Saturday service and from getting ready for the Great Easter Vigil tonight...and it's stillllllll snowing! It is now 33˚F outside. It isn't sticking except on the leaves and deck and such, but brrr. And, no, Susie, it almost NEVER snows in early April. In fact we hardly ever get more than a powdering once each winter, but this winter we have had at least 4 snows with ice and all. The weather radar looks like more is coming. One of the altar guild ladies said, "Oh, it's the Easter surprise!"

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