On the Road Again...just can't wait to get on the road again

And so, after church yesterday, we picked up the trailer and took to the open road. The farther I get from the house, the more relaxed I feel. Interesting since we live alone...just the two of us and 4 cats, but with Carolyn at the house for 16 days, and us gone, it is a very freeing feeling!

The photos below were taken in Texarkana, Texas, our first night out. As we were traveling on I-20 south of Dallas, I looked up and mentioned to Raf that it looked to me as though the people in the van to our right and somewhat aheaded...and traveling with a mattress and box springs on top of the van...were going to loose their load. No sooner said than done...the mattress and box springs exited the top of the van and flew over our heads (we thought). However, when we got to a gas station to fill up, Raf looked up and saw our fridge vent had been hit. Doesn't seem to be causing a problem, but it's one of many things we are going to ask Mid-Town Campers to either repair or just doooo for us when we return. Carpet springs to mind!OK...so after we dropped off the trailer at the Texarkana KOA (which has wifi that doesn't seem to work), we drove quickly back west to the Gander Mountain store we had seen last year but were too late to visit. We got some Panther Martin spinner baits and a couple of shirts. Then, we went to a Texas Roadhouse (which began in, of all places, Indiana) and ate. They had peanuts to eat on all the tables and in the waiting area. They were very busy...I can't understand how busy so many new restaurants were in Texarkana on a Sunday night, but everything was full. Raf had prime rib, and I had catfish. We hadn't tried one of the Roadhouses before, and they were ok...I started to say nothing to write home about...but I guess I am!
We each had a caesar salad with our meal...then Raf had mashed spuds, and I had green beans. The beans were supposed to be fresh, but....oh, well.
This morning we treated ourselves to I-HOP...guess it's not international any more, as there were no German lemon crepes or any other continental treat on the menu...BUT they still served them. That didn't make a whole lot of sense, but, hey, they were good, anyway. Raf had his usual two eggs over easy with hash browns, sausage, and toast. I did have an order of bacon with mine, and it was delish!

Then we made the 10-hour trip to Nashville. Man, we used to drive all the way through from Mineral Wells to Nashville in a day...no more!! We are now in the Nashville Country RV Park in Goodletsville, and we'll be here until the 25th when we motor on to Baileyton and the Smoky Mountains.

Hummmm....I can't remember what we were doing 30 years ago today...but shortly, on May 5, it will be our 30th anniversary. That wedding I remember well. I know we weren't planning on getting married! But we did, thank God. Wish we could find the people who stood up with us. Yvonne is in Detroit, and perhaps Eric and Owen are here in Music City. Think I'll try to find out. Jim, the minister, wasn't in good health. Helen I know is no longer living...nor her husband, but Janice may still be at the Upper Room. We shall see.

If you're of St. Luke's and reading this, don't think I'll be sending email announcements, as I have to use webmail...we'll just have to see, but Jo Ellen will be putting out the newsletter for May 6.




Susie said…
Guess you were lucky that mattress didn't do more damage.
Sounds like a fun trip you have planned!!
judie said…
Safe travels, Sioux. Keep us posted when you can.
Sheila said…
Sounds like you are both enjoying the trip Sioux.
Stay safe and keep us posted while you are on your travels.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Enjoy your trip, stay safe and best wishes for happy days ahead!!

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