Passover Seder Celebration at St. Luke's Parish

Our Anglican church, St. Luke's Parish in Mineral Wells, Texas, holds a Seder Supper each Holy Week to celebrate the Passover and our heritage. Below are photos taken before, during, and after the feast. Hope you enjoy them. We had a beautiful time.


Terri /Tinker said…
What a lovely tradition to keep. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all!
PEA said…
Oops, I commented about this post in the previous post! So, you'll have to read those comments! lol I know, I'm SO blonde!! lol xoxo
Morning Glory said…
I've been to one Seder dinner many, many years ago and I remember it as being a very moving, wonderful experience.
Sheila said…
Sioux you have a loving and close church 'family'. It's wonderful that you can celebrate these occasions in this way. Happy Easter to you all.
Susie Q said…
What a truly special tradition. It looks like such a sweet and special afternoon.
Have a blessed weekend!!

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