May 24--Millersville, Tennessee

The Nashville Country RV park is right on I-65 (see the truck on the road above)...we didn't realize it, but it sure didn't keep us awake...don't think anything could have!
For the Slaters, these two, Slater Chapel UMC and Slater Creek, are both in Millersville TN just north of know, home of Johnny Cash (until it burned last month).
Raf thinks it's terribly interesting that I bought a camo shirt at Gander Mountain...I tried to tell him it's a fashion statement, not a hunting thing.

Although rain has been forecast for all the area in which we are traveling, none has come our way. It's been cloudy, and now in Middle Tennessee it is sort of muggy. But beautiful. When I'm here I really don't want to leave. I didn't want to go back to Texas when we moved back in 1979. I wanted us and the girls to stay in Tennessee forever, but we were making next to nothing, and the oil field beckoned, so back to the west we went.

Today is our day of rest. We had the devil of a time finding a book Barnes and Noble in Nashville, but we were able to find a Waldon Books in RiverGate Mall. We got a Tennessee Gazetteer, a new Woodalls Campground book, and yet another Nashville map...we get one every time we are here...and loose them. Then on to the Walmart for some meds, bird food, drinks, etc...and two pairs of shorts for me.

As you can sort of see from the photos, Nashville is surrounded by little round hills...and they are beautiful in all seasons and all weather.

Oh..NOTE...Raf is going to perform with Jimmy Baldwin and Michael Martin Murphey at the Dempsey Heliport on June 1. Jimmy just emailed him to ask. It should be a great show...look in the Index for more's part of Palo Pinto County's Sesquicentennial all come! Oh, we won't be there, but there will be a military parade for the Sesquicentennial on May 5 in Mineral Wells....go see it if you're in town.

Hey, that's all the news that's fit to print. We're on to Baileyton tomorrow. You all take care now, you hear!


It sounds like you all are having a very good time. I love Tenn. the parts of it that I have seen. Be careful, connie from Texas
AnnieElf said…
My parents spent seven years on the road before the settled down again. They had so much fun. I'd love to do it. Unfortunately, my DH is not the least bit interested.
Morning Glory said…
It sounds like a heavenly trip so far. I really glad the rain has held off for you.
Hey thanks for stopping by. Looks like you are traveling!! That is great!! My blog today was about shopping and just to clear things up my daughters and one son are all grown up too. This daughter that IA was talking about is 34. We just went and looked forever!! It is fun to go shopping especially with grown up kids..Sandy
Amy said…
Hey Sioux, thanks for commenting on my Anzac post and for adding me to your links :-)
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Great post, I almost couldn't see you in the photo... must have been that camouflage shirt at work! ;) Have fun... I know you will, and stay safe!
Hi Sue, looks like you are having a great time and the scenery there looks beautiful. You sound like me. Get into a new city and find a Walmart. Right up my alley. LOL We had lots of rain here and very thankful for it under these drought conditions. I pray your travels are safe safe and visit again when you can. Blessings!
Susie Q said…
OH how I love Tennessee! WE hope to get back down this Summer to see friends and family. Have a wonderful time....I KNOW you are! It looks like such fun. Stay well and safe dear Sioux!

AnastasiaC said…
haha you are too cute!!
have a great time - cant wait to see more pics!

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