Delicious Autumn Haiku

Bright crystal rain drops
Thunder, lightening, dark gray clouds
I stop now to breath


tinker said…
Your haiku is lovely, Sioux!
Hope you find a good solution for your back problems soon.
Lovely! (deep breath in!)
paris parfait said…
Lovely haiku depicting a storm and its aftermath.
Clare said…
The calm in the storm, so lovely.
jillypoet said…
"Bright crystal raindrops." That is gorgeous! I will think of this the next time I see rain. Thanks!
louise said…
thoughtful and moving...soft, earthy
jzr said…
"I stop now to breathe"

I love this!
susanlavonne said…
i love the image of "crystal raindrops"'s funny how when i read lines like this, i will think of it the next time it rains :-)
Jodi said…
Nice haiku. I can really "feel" the autumn reading it.
Sandy said…
nice haiku
I have experienced thunder in Texas, so this is very meaningful to me.

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