My Hip, Back, and Leg

Well, here goes, for those of you who might be interested.

I saw Dr. Dave yesterday, and this is the result.

first of all the MRI:

Mild concertric disk bulging at L4-5 with bilateral facet joint hypertrophy, ligamentum flavum thickening, and grade 1 anterolisthesis resulting in mild to moderate central canal stenosis and mild narrowing of the neural foramina bilaterally AND mild multilevel degenerative disk disease without central canal or neural foraminal stenosis at any other level.


Advanced degenerative changes of the right hip with severe joint space narrowing and bone on bone appearance at the superior aspect of the right hip joint space AND severely irregular contour of the femoral head and superior aspect of the acetabulum with subchondral collapse and adjacent sclerosis, and this may be due to advanced DJD, AVN, or both.

I have an appointment with Dr. Sanjoy Sundaresan who comes here from Wichita Falls. He is a neurosurgeon who will address the back problem with shots IF I decide to do it. If anyone knows anything about this doctor, please let me know. As I have told some of you, the whole thing is frightening to me...I am a medical coward! At the present, the shots sound like the route I take IF I can determine that I have confidence in the new doctor. Dr. Dave likes him, so I suppose that will do, but I am going to consult Dr. Singh before I make any sort of decision.

Thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts and prayers.


Cousin John said…
Our prayers continue to be with you. Hope Raf's concert went well last night.

I'm about to take the plunge and try accupuncture. Mary's sister used it to deal with the sympthoms of chemo. She swore by it. Who knows... Maybe I have too much Yen in my Yang. Love you... John
Linda said…
Hmmm... consider the shots and some good PT for the back, but what about the HIP? Is surgery in your future for that? It makes me go "ouch" on your behalf!
Lin said…
Sioux -- I have to admit that I can't understand a lick of what all that means, but it sounds painful and troubling -- and I'd opt for whatever relief I could have ... and cope with prayers and huge hugs from friends ... and those, cara, you have!!! My prayers are with you thru this ... and if you get a simple explanation of this, please let us know .. it sounds like it hurts a lot.
Penny said…
Glad to see you posting again. Not too sure about the shots, sometimes they work and sometimes they dont. The hip is what i would be worrying about as it is probably that which is puting the back and the rest of you out. Is hip replacement surgery planned? That is easy, the back probably isnt. My thoughts are with you.
Anonymous said…
Sioux i don't really understand all of the medical terminology but it sure doesn't sound great. I imagine you're in a fair bit of pain. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

love violette
altermyworld said…
Sioux as someone who suffers from chronic/constant pain, I wish you wellness and pain free moments if not pain free days.
take care and let me know how you are doing

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