Thursday and Friday

Thursday evening, Louise and I went to the Weatherford Quilting Guild. I had never been to a guild meeting of any sort before, and it was very nice. Susan from Quiltin' Tia gave the program. She showed many quilts she had designed and made and told us about the Prayer Quilt program...very interesting. Jo Ellen was there, and we talked about starting a Paryer Quilt program at St. Luke's.
Friday Louise and I went on our monthly jaunt. This time we went to Glen Rose, Texas. We ate at the Two Grandma's Cafe, which is just of the square and is open only on Friday and Saturday, at noon and in the early evenings. Then we looked into several stores. There are great old buildings in Glen Rose. One of my favorites, though, has been burned...the whole inside is gone. Glen Rose has a small square where produce farmers still bring their veg and fruit and where you can drink the "rotten egg" water from the many springs. I was thoroughly disappointed to discover that they are daming the Paluxy River right above the rocks where my family and I have spend many happy times.
From Glen Rose we traveled back through my hometown, Stephenville, where we stopped and the Flying Needle fabric store and got some beautiful fabrics...they have a wonderful selection and will cut anything into fat quarters. I wish they had had more fat quarters out...I seem to not be able to "see" what I want as well on the bolt and I do looking through fat quarters. Also in Stephenville we stopped at Starbucks...we were so thirsty. Friday was a HOT September day!
That night Jim and Louise and Raf and I went to Barney and Margaret's for supper...and a good time was had by all.
Tonight we are going to Fort Worth for Syria's marriage celebration...he was married in May, but now he has brought his wife to Texas.


tinker said…
That "Two Grandma's" cafe is too cute! Looks and sounds like you had a fun little trip.
Sorry about them damming the river spot, though. Maybe they'll change their minds ("They're" - the public works people - always changing their minds on stuff out here in California! Sometimes that's a good thing :)

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