Update...what's been happening

Beth's 11th birthday was September 11. We had a surprise birthday party for her here at our house on the 9th. She had lots of friends plus her Aunt Christi and cousins. The kids played Twister, and then the played catch and took a walk through the neighborhood. Of course Joey, John, and Arsi were here. It was a great day. After the party we, Carolyn, Darrell, Bethy, Christi, Jen, and Travis all went to Chili's for supper. Then the kids went to see the movie How to Eat Fried Worms. We hope to see it this weekend. It was made in Wimberley (the Taos of Texas and one of our favorite places).
Raf entertained at the birthday party. He is playing Friday night, September 15, at H2JO here in Mineral Wells, 8-11pm.
This is my first quilt square...Louise gave me the kit, and I made it as a door prize for rmmga in Wimberley in October.
I made this fabric collage with inkjet printing on fabric, quilting, beads, etc. It is to be a door prize at rmmga in October in Wimberley.
This is my first quilt. It will be about 40"X40". It is for my granddaughter, Dani's, 13th birthday in October. It is hearts, and in the middle block I machine embroidered her name and flowers. Her favorite colors are pink and green. This is a surprise...but Dani doesn't go to my blogsite, so she won't see it. The back will be minki.

Well, our late August/early September was hot, but the rains came on Labor Day, and summer is quite broke...thank God. We still need loads of rain...we still have a burn ban in effect.

I had my first ever CATSCAN and MRI today to see what is causing the pain in my right leg, hip, etc. I will go to Dr. Dave on Thursday. This...the anticipation, I guess...is causing some stomach problems, but Louise is helping take my mind off it by taking me to Study Club and just hanging out. Tonight is quilting.

Also, last weekend, the boys helped Raf move the bigger furniture so that we can set up a music room for him and a studio for me. Today we got a flat-screen Sony tv, so the house is shaping up a little differently than before.

Oh, they are filming Prison Break here in Mineral Wells tomorrow!

This month's Chasing Our Tales column in the North Texas Star is going to feature 19th century murders in the area...not Indian massacres...but murders. So check it out on newstands on September 24.

Tomorrow Raf practices with Ed for Friday night, and I think we will attend the vestry meeting. Thursday is Dr. Dave. Friday performance...so there goes the week.

Will try to post more now....


Lin said…
AWESOME QUILTS!! I really like your landscape square!

Sounds like a wonderful time, Sioux!! And happy birthday to Beth!
Brooke said…
Where are they filming Prison Break?? HE HE...I don't watch the show but I wouldn't mind seeing part of the cast LOL. One of my old teacher's daughter works on the set of PB.
Teri C said…
Gee, I thought you fell off the face of the earth! Now I know why! Love the quilts and good luck with the health issue.
Michelle said…
It's good to see you're back! Those firsts are pretty amazing. You have a gift.

I hope that you find out what it is and it gets resolved quickly and without a hassle for you.
Kate said…
My mother was a quilter, so why did I need to learn? Big mistake! Enjoyed reading about family and your quilts.

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