Sunday Scribblings...The Fisher King

Sunday Scribblings suggested we research something we don’t know about as a topic for this week. I had seen something, can’t remember what, on television that caught my fancy. It talked about The Fisher King. I suggested to my daughter that we write a children’s story around that topic, but then we both let it drop. So, my quick research today is about…

…The Fisher King

The Fisher King appears in legends, especially Arthurian legends, and these legends are set up to the time of the Crusades. Legend, both Celtic and Christian, have the Fisher King, or Rich Fisher, as the guardian of the Holy Grail.

One such suggestion is that the protector of the Grail was Bran the Blessed, an enormous being who was the superhuman, mystical King of the Britons. Bran owned a caldron that is supposed to represent the Grail in its mystical powers.

On the other hand, Irish Mystery Cults suggest that the Fisher King was connected to a tale of Salmon of Wisdom and centers around the character of Finn MacCumhail, who as a young boy in service to another Finn, catches fish when his elder is unable to do so. The fish young Finn catches pass on to him the knowledge of all things. He also become immortal.

There stories that tell us the Holy Grail is supposed to be the cup that Christ shared at the Last Supper, and Christ’s symbol is the fish. Christ’s death brings His followers everlasting life, and as the fish gave Finn immortality, he is thought to be protector of the Grail.

How the Fisher King came to be the Rich Fisher is in the belief by Christians that those who believe in Christ are rich in a way that gold cannot buy.

Another Fisher King legend relates that Joseph of Arimathaea, who was given Christ’s body to bury was also given the Grail to protect. Joseph traveled to Europe where he entrusted the Grail to Bron who became the Rich Fisher when he fed a large company of people with as single fish, as did Christ.

The Fisher King is said to live in an otherworld castle called the Grail Castle. It is constructed of gray stone, is square, and is flanked by turrets. Some tales tell that it is located on a mountain on the River Dees in Northern Wales.

This ain’t great writing, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg, and I’m grateful to Sunday Scribblings to get me off my duff!!


Lin said…

Hope you're feeling good!!
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