Today, after a visit to the doctor, we went to Graham, Texas. It is the county seat of Young County, Texas, and it has a very remarkable town square. There is a fabulous fabric store on the west side of the square, lots of antique shops, craft shops, and, in general, Graham is a lovely community! Travis is the newest Scout in our family...and we gave him a uniform for his birthday, but we had to leave before we saw the kids.
Dad and Daughter
Christi's green cast...she broke her hand at the drag races...watching, not participating.
Downtown Graham
Downtown Graham

Tonight was night quilters. We have a wonderful group, and they are so supportive of me, the newest member and newest quilter.

Today was a good day, but I am exhausted.

Oh, I am not going to have anything done right now about my hip, but I am thinking of acupuncture. Any suggestions???


Kai said…
i love acupuncture.. I can even reccommend the best practitioner in Hawaii if you need one..lol.. :)
I hope things get better for you soon..
Peace, Kai.
Daisy Lupin said…
Thank you for visiting my blog. Graham does look a lovely place from the photographs. I love fabric shops and antique shops. I noticed your mentioned acupuncture, I would recommend it I have a friend who has had it for her kness and a course of it did improve it.
Daisy Lupin said…
sorry just notice typo in the above I mean 'knees' not kness in case you think I had found a new body part lol!
Pam Aries said…
Hi Sioux! I sure hope you are feeling better! I'm all for acupuncture.
tinker said…
Though I haven't had acupuncture myself, I've known quite a few people who have, who said it really helped with pain.
Hope you're feeling better soon!

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