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Welcome to "Kelli's Show and Tell Friday!" Do you have a something special to share with us? It could be a trinket from grade school, a piece of jewelry, an antique find. Your show and tell can be old or new. Use your imagination and dig through those old boxes in your closet if you have to! Feel free to share pictures and if there's a story behind your special something, that's even better! Go to Kelli's page to link your show and tell to Mr. Linky!!

My show and tell comes in 3...this year. Do you have a childhood friend you're still in contact with? I have many, but one of my most precious is Toby Kunishige Harrison, a true friends and a true Christian. Toby and I met in early elementary school, and we are still friends today. We had something interesting in common. My father was a German-American with a thick accent, and Toby's father was a Japanese-American with a thick accent! Our meeting was less than 10 years after World War II. Our hometown is Stephenville, Texas. My father was a decorated hero in WWII. Toby's father never got that chance. His family was interned in California during WWII! What a terrible thing to happen to anyone! Of course, all of their belongings, real estate, etc. was taken. They came to Texas to start over. Toby and I were in the SHS class of 1961. Toby was lucky enough to remain in Stephenville until after graduation. I moved in 1958, so I didn't graduate with that class, BUT they include me in all the reunions! We just had our 45th last year.

Anyway, Toby and I both became teachers, and we have corresponded over the years. Every holiday I hear from Toby, and so far this year she has sent me the three following crocheted holiday symbols. Aren't they great?! They're pins. Over the years Toby has sent me many beautiful things she has made, and I treasure them!


ellen b said…
Sue, what sweet pins and wonderful story of friendship. Blessings...
Susie said…
Hi Sue!
What a blessing Toby must be to your life...Those pins she makes are so creative :)
How sweet. I have a forever friend (who is really more like a sister) that I have had for 63 years!!! Nothing like friendships that last over the years.
Anonymous said…
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Kelli said…
What a wonderful friend Toby is! The pins are very pretty!
Lana G! said…
Beautiful reminders of your friendship!!
PEA said…
Hello dear Sue!! You are certainly lucky to have a longtime friend like Toby in your life:-) I just love the little crocheted pins she gave you, they're fabulous!!! xox
Blue said…
Childhood friends are the best, they know the child within us, as well as the adults we have become.
Sometimes, it is as though you are still ten years old together, isn't it? They keep us ageless, old friends do!!!
Kahshe Cottager said…
Special friends always seem to do those little extra things to let us know how much and how often they think of us don't they?
Kim said…
What a blessing and what neat crochet. Thanks for sharing.
Terry said…
Dear Sioux..
I was so glad to hear from you!
We just got home and I decided right away to write to you.
I am so sorry that I have not been around for a while.
I have been busy at the Pilgrim pals and have been shirking on my reading yours and a few others' blogs and not commenting, like I SHOULD be!
You never ignore me!
David Fisher gave us a good posting on that last night so I am going to mend my ways!

Which kitty is that a picture of on your profile?
I cannot see it in big size.
Is it Jake?
Tell Turtle and the gang that I say hi to them too and hugs all around!

Well I will just mosey on now and read the post that you have below.
It looks so interesting and what a nice collage of pictures!
..Love you still Sioux..Love Terry

I saw Susie at Maxines's this week and I know that I haven't seen her or Vincent for a while!

Guess what Sioux?
I helped my sister to set up a blog.
She has some really nice pictures on it.
Her name is Gracey and she is on my favorite links...Why not pay her a visit if you have a little time!...Love Terry
What a wonderful story about the love between friends shared over many years....very heart-warming :)
curious servant said…
Just passing through...

I'm a teacher too!

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