Grapevine Trantula Train Again

Yesterday we took Bethy to the Fort Worth Stockyards and to ride the Grapevine Trantula Train. When we took Travis last week there were very few people. Yesterday the train was packed. We had a fun day. We ate at the Greek House in Fort Worth near TCU. Really good, traditional Greek food. My plate has dolmas with a Greek salad. Yummmm!


Susie said…
Looks delish! Your petunias are so colorful :)
Sweetpea said…
hmmmm greek food I love it! xx
Sweetpea said…
hmmmm greek food I love it! xx
How wonderful life is when we have loved ones to share it with and precious time to be together as families. We are so blessed :)
Looks like a fun time!
AnnieElf said…
Ah. I love dolmas. Haven't had them in ages. I'm going to have to go looking. The picture is mouthwatering.
Michelle said…
that looks like a fun time; I bet Kayla would enjoy a train ride!
Terry said…
It looks like you guys have all the fun but you are deserting that poor litlle Turtle all the time!
Love Terry

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