Alphabet Soup

Morning Glory asks: "Is it soup yet? Yup. Time for some alphabet fun. Today's bowl of soup is brought to you by the letter 'Bb'."

Things that light up my life which begin with a "B" are:

1. B is for Bible. Without the Bible and the Word it bring to us, I would be completely would the whole world.
2. B is for books. So many books, so little time. I absolutely love to read and spend a great portion of my day doing just that.
3. B is for backyard. We have a new deck built, and we've installed a lovely garden swing. We have bird feeders, crepe myrtle trees, a small wood, and planters with tomatoes. The backyard is a wonderful, comforting place.
4. B is for birds. Raf and I have been "twitchers" for years. We don't go "hard at it", but we enjoy watching birds and adding to our "life list".
5. B is for blessings. They are all around me. God has been so good to me and to my family. He has blessed us with so many, love, home, each other.

Want to join in? What lights up your life that begins with the letter "B"? Leave a comment and then jump into Mr. Linky and let us read what you think.


Morning Glory said…
Oh yay! Another game player! Thanks for joining in with me. I love all of your B's.
Susie said…
I love your B list! We are bird people too, but certainly not as knowledgeable as you two. We just enjoy their beauty and seeing different ones. Fun meme!~
PEA said…
Such a great B list...I'm going to join up too:-) xoxo
vicci said…
I like this alphabet soup.....and I like the B's......:-)
Tinker said…
Yummy alphabet soup, Sioux :)
Great selection of B's. I agree with all!!!!
Myrna said…
Great alphabet game! I'm goiing to put in on my list to do next week. Really, I am!
Kai said…
I love the alphabet list, and the kitty poster from yesterday .. :)
Peace, Kai xx
Michelle said…
those are definitely some great things that start with the letter B!
Susie Q said…
What a fun idea! I just love reading these.

My favorite B is my husband Bill!!

I love all your Bs!!

That sounds very interesting. Maybe I will do it.
I had forgotten all about the book and it was a pleasant surprise to know I won in the drawing. Thanks!

I will enail ny address asap.
Felisol said…
Dear Sioux Sue,
you are an upcome of new ideas and positive winklings to life.
B is for Brother, my only sibbling Knut Erik, only fifteen month younger than me.
We have shared tears and laughter for a long life and still do.
He's a bacholor and the very best uncle for daughter Serina.
Broder Ole is a dear friend who became a monk in the Netherlands. I love him too.
Brotherhood is wonderful, especially when a sister is allowed to join in.
Bees make honey. Our former neighnour had beehives and let us buy 20 kilos of delicious heather honey for winter use.
Bee is definitely a b word i like.
Blossoms of Begonia,Bougainvilla, Ballblooms, Bluebells, I love them all.
Better be in bed before birds begin bouncinig....
mrsnesbitt said…
Biking! Is my favourite B...then Beer! LOL! Gosh sound really masculine LOL!


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