And the winner is. . .

Raf just drew the winning name for my drawing of the book, My Mother's Garden. And the winner is . . .

. . . Gautami Tripathy of Delhi, India. Congratulations, Gautami. I am putting the book in the mail this afternoon. Hope you enjoy it!


Susie said…
That book has quite a journey to make! Congratulations to the winner!
smilnsigh said…
Congratulations, Gautami!

Hello all,

Can you believe it? This is the second book I won in drawings. I can't believe my luck!

Thanks so much.
Kai said…
Congraddies to Gautami..
what a lovely soul you are Sioux!!
Peace and hugs, Kai xx
What a trip that lovely book is making!
AnnieElf said…
My, what a lot of traveling that book will be doing. Congratulations, Gautami!
I recieved it today, July 24. Thanks.
This comment has been removed by the author.
oops, today is 23rd July!

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