Joey' Address

Here's a photo of Joey with his girlfriend, Coley, on graduation night. We just got a letter from him today. If you would like to write him or send him a card, his address is:

RCT Banner, William J.
3rd RTBN I Co. PLT 3206
39003 Midway Avenue
San Diego CA 92140-3206

He CANNOT receive anything but letters and cards....NO packages.

Thanks to all of you who write him!!!


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Prayers for Joey continue, for Coley, too; this is a lonely time. You are the best G'ma in the world!
Sue, Is Joey you grandson? I was not sure but I see in the comment before mine. She says you are the best G'ma in the world. I have no doubt about that. connie from Texas
smilnsigh said…
YESSSSSSSSSSS! An address!!! And I missed it, till today/Monday. My bad!!! -giggles-

WILL write! I have so much respect, admiration and gratitude for and to such young men and women. {Especially Marines, and I've Net known both young men annnnd young women Marines} I've also read a book on training. That gives one even more respect, admiration and gratitude to them!!!!

Hugs, Mari-Nanci
Susie Q said…
Travis is adorable!! What fun you had.

Thank you for Joey's address!!

As you know, we were a military family for 27 years and have the utmost respect and love for our servicepeople.

We will write Joey and thank let is know when he can receive packages too!

Kai said…
happy thoughts to Coley and Joey, they look very happy and peaceful together..
PEace, Kai xx
Anonymous said…
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