Independence Day and Travis' Visit

This was taken on the way to Stephenville, Texas, for their annual Independence Day celebration. This picture was taken for Felisol in Norway. And I forgot to mention that on July 4 the temperature was in the 70's! And all the rain missed us...beautiful night.

This is Bethy and Travis playing a game with some little girls who were in the park.
Raf is helping Travis put a little kite didn't work, so he traded it for a paddle and ball.
Bethy and Carolyn.

Fireworks were beautiful!Yesterday, we took Travis to the Fort Worth Stockyards and the Omni. We were going to ride the little train in the park, but the flooding closed it. However, we saw the Omni presentation of Special Effects, and then we ate at Kincaids. Then we went to the Stockyards and rode the Trantula Train.

This photo is of the ceiling in the passenger car of the steam train.

Travis kissed the cow.
This is the train.

This is the ticket booth.

Travis as a gunfighter.
On the train.

Travis with his candy.In Kincaids Hamburger Store on Camp Bowie.
Omni at the Fort Worth Children's Museum.


Felisol said…
Dear Sioux Sue,
thank you for the most informative landscape pictur of Texas. It's a beautiful scerery, not much different from where I live. How did I get the idea that Texas was about deserts?? Yellow Rose of Texas comes to my mind.
The oilwell was about the way I imagined, even though Western movies must be my main source of information.
I can clarely see why you are so fond of your state. You've got every reason to be.
Happy Birthday Raf! (Belated, sorry!)
Travis looks like he really enjoyed himself. That train is vintage!!!
Michelle said…
looks like it was a fun time!
Dawn said…
Looks like you had a great time! So did we - I posted a few pictures.

My sweetie is going to be 65 in two more weeks. Hard to believe.
PEA said…
Good morning dear Sue:-)

Sounds like a great Independence Day and I so enjoyed seeing the pictures! Travis seems to be having a great old time with you that blond hair of his!

Sooo glad my parcel made it to you safely and that you enjoyed what I had enclosed:-) I can just imagine how thrilled the kids were, with the parcel coming allll the way from Canada! lol

Take care and know that I love ya! xox
smilnsigh said…
Is it proper to say, that Travis has the most gorgeous hair I've seen in ages?!? Well, I suppose it's OK, as long as Travis doesn't know I said this!!! So don't tell him. ,-)

But he does!!!!! Oh how many little girls would love to have that hair? And how many big girls toooooo!

Barbara said…
I'm glad you like my blog and especially my latest story because when I wrote it I thought, this is too long for anyone to want to read.

Gosh Travis has the most beautiful hair.

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