My friend Gunni Berry in Brownsville, Texas, has a lovely garden swing. She told me she got it at Lowe's, and we found the very one! We went to the Lowe's in Granbury, Texas, (which is the trip where I took photos of the flooding), and today Raf and John got it up before the rain started. It is just right. Photos are below. The last one is of Bethy testing the swing.

Just now we had a call from our middle daughter, Carolyn, calling from Oklahoma City. The three girls have been to the funeral of an aunt in Birmingham, Alabama, and they flew Southwest (I never liked Southwest), so they flew through Houston both ways, and were diverted by the rain and lightening from Dallas. Don't know when they will get in. Saying a prayer for their safety.

It's 5 pm, and the sky looks like 8 pm. Thank God for the rain! Bless the poor folks who have lost their homes because of it.

Interesting note, our friend Kelly in Austin said:
"We just had a little storm blow through. It took my antenna down. (See http://k5ktd.webhop.org/ for a pix.) This antenna is 42 feet tall and rated at 100MPH. I've had quite enough of the rainin' and blowin' for this year."

And an Anglican Bishop is England stated that our floods are "a judgment on society". Interesting perspective, as I was thinking the same thing earlier today.


PEA said…
You will love your new swing. I've now got a swing and a glider on my patio and I don't know which I enjoy most! lol It's just so relaxing on a warm sunny day:-) xox
Morning Glory said…
I also love your new swing. We have one that we got from Lowe's that is white and looks like wicker and hangs by chain from the beams above. I spend soooo much time there and I know you're going to do the same with yours.
Barbara said…
We are still having the torrential rain here also. We are fine in this area but there are 27,000 homes flooded across the country.
I love the swing. The weather has been really bad but I just know when this is all past we are going to be worring about hurricanes. Hope you all have a very happy fourth of July. connie from Texas
Michelle said…
that looks like a great swing to enjoy the late summer evenings with a nice glass of iced tea!
AnnieElf said…
That really is a pretty swing, Sioux. I like that it is so simple and sleak without all the flowers etc, that so many have. It actually looks quite comfortable too. I wonder if the Lowe's HERE has this design. I'll have to check.

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