Poetry Thursday, Summertime in Texas

Summertime in Texas

The rains of June abated
And the sun is hangin' high
Green grasshoppers and crickets
Chirp and sing as I pass by

Tomato leaves are wilted
Crepe myrtle bright and red
Grass is brown and dusty
Needs water to be fed

‘ssippi kites soar above us
Scissor-tails are catchin' bugs
Clouds racing toward the east
As if on magic rugs

Soft nights with starlight shinin'
Scents of mown hay all around
Picnic baskets full of chicken
Quilted pallets on the ground

Hot and bakin’ in the summer
Sometimes not a breath of air
Lightening flashin’, thunder rollin’
Texas, join us if you dare

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PEA said…
Hi Sue:-) Such a wonderful poem and reading it, I could see it all in my mind...I love summertime but...I don't know if I could survive the heat you guys get! lol xox
tumblewords said…
It looks like Texas to me! Nice descriptions in this cool poem...
I love this. Did you write it? You are a genius! Had me at the chicken part.
Michelle said…
Cowboy poetry -- wonderful. Thanks for taking us on a small trip this evening to the Lone Star state.
...deb said…
Great imagery.

My (paternal) grandmother (90 this year) lives in De Leon and tons of kin are scattered throughout Comanche County and beyond. (I'm in the Pacific Northwest.)
..Scissor-tails are catchin' bugs..

Great line..
Tinker said…
Love the poem, Sioux! Hope you're staying cool this summer.
Rob Kistner said…
Loved the imagery... but hate the heat! ... ;)
The Woman said…
I don't dare! It's hot enough here in KY! Chuckle

LOVE your poem! :o)
Definitely, you set a mood with this poem, if felt like summer. I enjoyed reading it.

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