What we did on May 5

Well, yesterday was the day. It starting out pouring, but about noon the rain abated, and we took off. We went to the local Waffle House in Millersville (ugh) for breakfast, not remembering how bad it was the last time we were there. Then we went to the Craft Fair in Nashville. It was a great success...and I will shop what I bought, but not how...shhhh...some are gifts for people who might read the blog! I took a photo of a squirrel...can't see him well, and of Raf in front of the Parthenon in Nashville. Then I took movies of Hillsboro village, big houses, the prettiest church in Nashville, and downtown Nashville.

Then we ate a Zola, another local non-chair restaurant. It was beautiful, good food, great atmosphere, beautiful art on the wall, but my camera was in the car...duh!

But we had a very good day. Now we are off to church in Hendersonville, St. Joseph of Arimathea, an Anglican Communion Network Church, thankfully. So...more later.


Wow, the Parthenon has been moved to Nashville! Cool! (lol)
Raf looks rather regal in front of it.
Don't you love it when you return to a restaurant you forgot you disliked? Your stomach has a hard time forgiving that one! xo

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