May 5--Our 30th Anniversary

Actually these photos were taken May 4. We discovered that the Upper Room Chapel is closed on the weekend, so we went yesterday to get these photos.
These are taken in what is known as the "side chapel" off the Upper Room Chapel, part of the United Methodist Board of Discipleship, in Nashville, Tennessee, where we were married 30 years ago today. The little prayer chapel holds about 10 people. We were married by my boss at the time Rev. James Alexander. Those who stood up with us were Yvonne Glien, Eric Thoreson, and Owen Davis. Helen and Robert Lankford, Janice King, and Charlene Eubanks were there, along with others who happened to be passing by and looked in.

Owen had been married once and Eric had never been married, and they were both terribly against marriage. They were both musicians. Anyway, they both got drunk before the wedding and almost missed it. We were to meet friends afterward at TGI Fridays in Elliston Place, and Eric and Owen never showed up...about 20 others did, however.

Yvonne and I worked together. She was working on a PhD in Spanish at Vanderbilt. Charlene and I worked together, as did Janice and Helen. Helen had been my boss when I guided tours through the chapel before I started working in UMC Communications...while I was working on a Master of Christian Education at Scarritt College in Nashville. Helen provided beautiful roses from her garden for my bouquet.
After taking the photos in the Upper Room, we went to Hillsboro Village and visited Cotton Music. Then we walked down the street to the Provence Breads and Cafe for Raf to get a latté...they had no cold non-coffee drinks!! So, I just read.
This couple was sitting across from us. Look at her face. She is so much in love, and after observing them a while, I think he is, too. It's nice to see young people just starting on the adventure!
Next we picked a restaurant at random on 21st Avenue South. It is called tayst Restaurant and Wine Bar. We didn't know what to expect, but it was absolutely wonderful. I took this photo of a table across the way. The ambiance was wonderful. The menu was limited, but extremely excellent. Raf had filet mignon, and I had grilled scallops. They were wonderful. Delicious. Tasty. We would frequent this restaurant a lot if we lived closer. The waiters, manager, etc. were very attentive, but not too much so. The wine delicious! They had wonderful art on the walls, and light jazz floated around us. If you are in Nashville, don't miss tayst!

We ended the evening in the Belcourt Theatre in Hillsboro Village. It was an historic theatre and used to be called the Hillsboro Theatre. We heard the Tim Rice and Peter Rowan Quartet. Hope you enjoy the music!


Morning Glory said…
Happy Anniversary! What a lovely chapel.
Susie said…
Happy Anniversary!
Sounds like you had a wonderful day yesterday. What fun to go to the chapel where you were wed!!
"Early Bird" said…
Congrats on your anniversary!! My Hubby and I are right behind you with our 28th being June 1!
PS...I know a sight with some real pretty gray backgrounds...if you need any help just let me know.
Teri C said…
Happy anniversary! What a wonderful celebration. Thanks for sharing.
PEA said…
Happy Anniversary to you and Raf, dear Sue!! How wonderful that you were able to return to the chapel you were married in 30 years ago! Everywhere you've been visiting sounds delightful!! xox
Shelina said…
Happy Anniversary! Wow, 30 years! You found an excellent way to celebrate.
Terry said…
Oh Happy Anniversary Sioux...You little darlings you!!..Love Terry
Kelli said…
Happy Anniversary!!!!

lila said…
Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing your happiness then and now! We had our 34th Anniversary this can that be?
Felisol said…
Happy Anniversary from Norway too.
It's wonderful with long lasting marriages, isn't it?
We've been together for twnty years, and I think we're slowly beginning to know each other.
The thrill is still there and so are the challanges and developement.
An extraordinary invention, marriage.
Sue and Raf, happy belated Anniversary. Wow we have you beat by a few years. This August will be our 38th anniversary.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful day! You two are a sweet and loving couple!

Happy travels!
Toni said…
Well Happy belated Anniversary!!!
Wow you and Raff sure been traveling. Someday my husband and I will do the same. Enjoy each moment together.
hugs to you both
Michelle said…
happy (belated!) 30th anniversary! How neat and special that you were able to go back to the chapel where you were married 30 yrs ago!

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